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Hello Kpop fans!!! Today I start our introduction to the adorable little trainees Neoz, BUT before I go along with showing you this adorable group I wanted to tell you a bit about the Neo School program.
Neo School is basically a training program that long time FNC trainees will enter before they can graduate (debut). This ‘school’ is basically set up to evaluate the rookies progress and readiness to actually debut before fans. Neo stands for the word ‘Newfound’ and the official name for the boys in this school is Neoz. The 9 boys I am going to introduce you to are only the first set of Neoz according to their name Neoz 1 and the fact that one the official site there is a large 1ST sign over their pictures…. This leads me to believe that there will be more groups to come out of FNC’s Neo School program.
For those of you who are not familiar with FNC they are a company known for their groups, FTisland, CNBlue, AOA, and the newest group N.Flying as well as soloists, Hongki (of course), Yonghwa (duh), Shin Ji-Min and Choa.
FNC has never had a dance group though. You could say they are experimenting with NEOZ and personally….. I think it is a fantastic idea!! These cuties average age seems to be 16 (though honestly I have found some information about them.. their ages seem to have been lost somewhere and I couldn’t find definite answers…. Sorry). There are rumors that FNC plans to Debut them in early 2016 (Looks at calander) if that is the case then I would assume they will come out sooner rather than later, but those are just rumors and nothing official seems to have been given out by FNC besides the first teaser. (See Below)
Personally I am really excited about this little group. From what I have seen in a few of their short YouTube performances (I will post them throughout the introductions) they seem to be very good at dancing…. Sadly, as for their singing ability that is still a big mystery just like a lot of information about these boys. They have a (might still be on going I am not sure) short show kind of showing you a bit about the boys and their personalities. I will give you links at the end of this post so you can go look at the videos yourself and let me know your own opinions of these little ones.
Well I think I have given enough introduction information this time around…. Let us get to introducing the boys shall we? (Side note: As I was gathering pictures for Neoz this morning I noticed that they have changed the Neoz logo from the one the boys use to one that says Girl's Neoz School. This makes it clear that there will be more groups and the next one that will be introduced will be a group of girls. I will keep you posted!)
FIRST! Let us talk about a seemingly talented dancer by the name of TaeYang!
I don't know about you but I would say those are some good dance moves there!
Some of the photos also have ChaNi in them but we will talk about him later.
Height & Weight : 181cm / 67kg
BloodType : O
Specialties : Playing the guitar
Cute isn't he? Like adorable I wanna pinch his cheeks cute.... but then again to me he is little little so that is how I see him... maybe you all see him differently :P. Sadly this is all of the information that is available now but you can go watch the Neoz School Lessons they have 1-10 available right now. TaeYang was not on the show Click Your Heart but the boys give you their own personal opinions about the other Neoz in Lesson 1 of the show. To me he gives off the 'might be the leader' feel but only time will tell I guess.
Next we have one of the boys that stared in Click Your Heart Zu Ho!
This little cutie played the fighting bad boy in Click Your Heart. He is supposed to be good at composing and writing lyrics and some of the other members described him as the guy with the tough exterior but the soft sweet insides. not exactly those words but you get my point. You actually see him be kind and sweet in Neoz School Lessons and show that he really does care for the other boys. He was also basically dubbed the neat freak.
Zu Ho/Ju Ho
(I have seen it both ways depending on what site, video, or sub is being used)
Height & Weight : 182cm / 67kg
BloodType : O
Specialties : Writing and composing songs
Well since I know these are going to be long posts I am going to just start you off with these two members and introduce more in the next post! I hope you are all interested in learning more about these boys as I am. What are your thoughts about this budding group or the impending girl group?
OH!!! I promised links didn't I?
FNC Neo School Offical Site (Don't worry it is also in English as well as Korean):
Official Neo School FaceBook:
Official Instagram:
First Episode of NeoSchool Lessons:
Offical Twitter:
Offical Weibo:
That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed this post! I did put a lot of time into it. I will have the next post out tonight! After I put my little one to bed.
Until later KpopBeat OUT!
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