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From the anime Code Geass, she is the Ace pilot of the Black Knights who pilots the Guren MK-II, Kallen Stadtfeld or better know as Kallen Kozuki!
She's half Britannian and half Japanese, however she only sees herself as a Japanese. By day she is a fragile teenage student at Ashford Academy where she goes by her Britannian name Stadtfeld but by night she is a rebel fighting to get her freedom back as Japanese.
Being the head of Zeros personal royal guard, she is not someone you want to mess with! I love the fact that she plays two different character types one being the frail, ill- stricken Britannian girl and another being a rebellious, strong-willed Japanese girl who will fight the entire world if she must to get the peace and freedom she deserves as a Japanese and not an Eleven (name for Japanese given by the Britannian empire after the war)
I love her red hair and blue eyes! Weather he hair is combed down as it is when she is in school to give that innocent look or when it's spiked, giving her the tough edgy look she has when she is fighting (I prefer the latter of the two!) She's just so damn......uggh! Yes! Her towel/water scenes are life!!
Well that's my battle edition for {WW} this week! Hope you all enjoyed it and if you're like me and are making your card late don't forget to tag the queen of {WW} @hikaymm Thanks for checking it out and here are some others I wanted to tag as well, if I missed you or you want a tag next week, drop a comment and I'll get you on here next time! See Ya!!
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@assasingod yeah her lol
nice hehehe
Awesome card!!! THanks for joining in :)
@hikaymm of course! Thanks for having me, I live for Waifu Wednesday!!!!:)
@assasingod glad to hear it!! :D