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My favorite episode, it's so hard to pick one lol. But in this case, I'm going with when Cas was a human! He had me going. He was such a clumsy mess and I loved it so much. He did not know what to do with himself but at least he did get a job and got laid XD and used the instructions from the pizza guy . It would have been great if the show did spin off some how and Cas some how got someone pregnant.. Talk about Drama.

What about you guys?!

my favorite will always be when the guys get transported to our reality where they r just actors
SPN totally has a lot of funny ones.
@BriannaBoure Omg, that is such a good episode!
for day #2 my favorite episode was from season to episode 15 "Tall Tales" funniest episode ever
day #1 I missed but my answer is Sam
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