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My favorite episode, it's so hard to pick one lol. But in this case, I'm going with when Cas was a human! He had me going. He was such a clumsy mess and I loved it so much. He did not know what to do with himself but at least he did get a job and got laid XD and used the instructions from the pizza guy . It would have been great if the show did spin off some how and Cas some how got someone pregnant.. Talk about Drama.

What about you guys?!

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@BriannaBoure Omg, that is such a good episode!
SPN totally has a lot of funny ones.
my favorite will always be when the guys get transported to our reality where they r just actors
Lmfao @SterlingH89 The French Mistake XD. That was another great one! Those guys are ridiculous.
lol that was an excellent one XD