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The locker room for teams is a sacred place.

From your early playing days, you learn that there are certain things you don't repeat outside of members of the team that happen with teammates. When you break that oath, you are punished slightly if lucky. For some, depending on the incident, you are banished.
D'angelo Russell is in DEEP trouble with his team, as he recorded a video which shows Russell filming Young while asking questions about Young being with other women. Nick Young just got engaged in June.
Russell said he feels like he has put Young's personal life in jeopardy.
"Honestly, I do," he said. "I've always been known as a guy that plays around a lot, and he has been, too. To be around somebody that's similar, with the same similar characteristics, is different. He's one of the guys that I've always talked to about anything, and I cherished our friendship. For me to have an incident like this come up and put it in jeopardy is not what I was intending to do."
Russell, 20, said he has apologized to Young for the incident.

"I reached out to [Young], let him know my apologies," Russell said. "I don't know if they were accepted. I wouldn't blame him."

Russell has broke the cardinal team rule: what happens on the road, stays on the road.
By recording this video and it slipping out of control, he has directly effected the personal life of a teammate. The trust is clearly gone between Russell and teammates, and you can see it on the floor. Randle barely wanted to acknowledge him after hitting a game winner. It is rumored that no one at the moment is talking to him. They don't even want to share lockers near him right now.

Should Russell be forgiven by his teammates on this matter? Do you think they will trust him again?

Agreed. He's either gonna have to become the best player on the Lakers...or else none of his teammates are going to respect him!
Smh.......I saw his press conference and was like how the hell did you let that video go online....
Well I want to say forgive him...but man, the kid's going to have a rough career ahead of him. No one is going to trust him and everyone will probs hate his guts now, not just his teammates, but the entire league!