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I am not going to make a long winded intro here like I did in the last post. This one I figured I would just jump to the good stuff and introduce more of the boys... so without further ado.... I give you Cha Ni!
This adorable little thing is actually a child actor... is? Was? not sure but I guess he still is seeing as he did participate in the mini drama Click Your Heart.
Cha Ni is a childhood actor who has played in many different shows, many of which are rather popular. Queen Seondeok, Can You Hear My Heart, Garden of Heaven, To the Beautiful You, Innocent Man, The Queen's Classroom, Splendid Politics, Signal, and of course Click Your Heart. In the show Click Your Heart he plays the younger guy that likes AOA Min Ah's character. He likes to play games with her and is always dancing. Cha Ni has admitted to liking to act but his love for dancing is what pushed him towards the life of an aspiring idol. I again have not figured out ages but due to how they react with him in the Lessons show I am assuming he may be the Maknae. (Do not quote me on that it is just my personal observation).
Cha Ni/Chan Ni
(Again I have seen it both ways on different sites, videos, and subs)
Height & Weight : 174cm / 57kg
BloodType : A
Specialities : Drawing, Playing the piano
This boy... I wish I knew how old he was because that would just tell us how much more this boy is going to grow. He is tall, uber adorable and seems to have an active and happy personality. Personally I think he has bias potential.
Ro Woon here was also on Click Your Heart (Are you getting tired of reading that name? I feel like I am getting really repetitive with it.....). He plays the star baseball athlete. His character is playful and just seems like he needs and wants a break from the stresses of all of the high expectations of everyone around him. In Lessons the other members describe him as a happy person who goes slightly crazy and does weird things when he gets excited. He is athletic and fun loving making him one of my more favorite members.. (Did you notice before I said it? lol)
Ro Woon
Height & Weight : 189cm / 73kg
BloodType : B
Specialities : Skateboarding
Young Bin is another I don't know much about other than the fact that he is another major dance player in the group.
Another one that has a lot of dancing skills.
Young Bin was not one that showed up in the mini drama and I do not remember much of him from Lessons either. This boy is a bit of a mystery and I am finding I might need to look into him a bit more.
Young Bin
Height & Weight : 178cm / 67kg
BloodType : AB
Specialities : Korean chess
Next we have the little Hwi Young.
I suspect that if Cha Ni is not the youngest member than Hwi Young is. This young boy does not have a main role in the mini drama but he does have a small roll. Hwi Young plays one of the other school radio people with Da Won. He seems to be a bit klutzy in the show and this seems to follow him into Lessons. In a couple of the Lessons episodes Hwi Young tries to take on Da Won only to fall short. Don't worry though his other hyungs wont let him face the problems completely alone. This cutie screams maknae material but I am stuck between who the actual title belongs to.
Hwi Young
Height & Weight : 177cm / 61kg
BloodType : B
Specialities : Kick-boxing
Found a favorite from the members yet? We still have three more people to introduce tomorrow. I must admit that there were a couple of the members that I really don't know or couldn't find much information on but as more becomes known about them I will keep you all posted. We end our post here and hope you all enjoyed learning a bit about the group today.
Until tomorrow... KPopBeat OUT!
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