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I am clay.
I am malleable and unfinished.
There is an aplomb beneath the unrefined surface that I did not feel before, not at its current magnitude. My mold has fallen aside. I am becoming a better, stronger, wiser version of myself...a version that does not conform to anyone else's concept of whom I should be.
My March 1st goals seemed a little daunting-- push harder, and don't let my monthly break my stride. Really, those were easier than expected. My period only knocked out two days from my workout schedule, and I've been steadily increasing resistance and weights and improving my stamina in my yoga practice. (The gym owner approached me and asked if I'd teach a yoga class, but sadly I'm not certified. I'm looking into that, though.)
When I took up this challenge, I was not really expecting so much change to come at once, not just physically, but spiritually and situationally, too. I am still in the midst of a period of self-discovery; I find myself far more open to and accepting of the shifting in my foundation. I am prepared for the challenges the future holds. I have faith in my abilities and nobody can stop me now.
@annamolly WAY TO GO!!
you're welcome! 馃榿
yay! I knew you could do it! go go @annamolly! mighty morphing @annamolly! *was the power Rangers theme a bit much? 馃槗*
Ahh... I am so happy for you! I am so glad that you've improved and you're currently discovering yourself. <3 <3
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