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Okay, okay, okay. I wanted to write about this trailer because I'm really excited for this game and after a bunch of news about Final Fantasy XV came out yesterday (including an anime and a movie announcement), I figured that I should do the whole paulisadroid thing and write about why I'm excited about the game from things that happen in the trailer.
But! I don't really know what happens in this trailer. Not because I'm daft or anything like that but because the second half of the trailer looks like it's all about having good friends and being there for your buddies. Seriously! They even have Florence and The Machine playing. I left the trailer for you below.
And listen guys, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I'm not saying that it's ridiculous that the second half of the trailer is just boys being friends with other boys. I'm trying to say that it's absolutely awesome. If the whole game is about hanging out with your buddies and camping (which part of it is, by the way!) I'm all for it.
I love wishing I had friends to drive around and fight monsters with. Maybe it's because of my short attention span but I completely forgot that Noctis was a prince by the end of this trailer and he's trying to be king or something. It's not that I don't care about any of that stuff. But it's like, how many video games these days put an emphasis on friendship and hanging out and all of that fun stuff?
It doesn't matter because FFXV looks like it'll be all about Noctis and his friends!
Don't you wish you were hanging out with these guys and talking about monsters and maybe how Chocobos are really hard to ride without a saddle? I know I do.
God... I wish I had friends...
@TurtleyTurtles I'm with you on this one. So exciting! :)
I can't tell you how excited I am for all of this. The trailer really is beautiful. Fighting for what's right, AND hanging out with friends?! I think this is gonna be such a good game! The anime looks awesome, too, and that movie! It looks so good, it almost looks real! Even my boyfriend was impressed and, I think, excited to see it. I wish I could get the collectors edition. But I don't think there will be any left when I could afford it. 😪 I'm also really looking forward to the soundtrack. So far, the music is wonderful, and I'm sure it'll be great, just like 13's soundtrack.