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You always show up when I least expect it.

Disguising yourself as butterflies engulfing the pit of my stomach. I wish you would go away sometimes, but then I realize how much I need you. I'm a hopeless romantic and you never miss an opportunity to remind me.
You have a way of showing up way too soon leaving me secluded in most situations. When people find out it's you that's been lingering around, they get scared and give up. I just wish you would learn to lay low sometimes. You come on too strong and you know it.
As much as you tend to fall, I always seem to catch you. I just wish there was a way you could tell if the person is worth it. You give more than you receive sometimes and I hate that. You deserve so much more. Thank you for allowing me to embrace my heart and my mind equally. Although they tend to sometimes quarrel, you always get them under control.
I'll admit, lately you've been on high demand and as much as I want to tell you to slow down -- I'm not too sure I can. You might be doing something right for once, so I'll let you continue to do your thing. Please pace yourself. You know how you can get. I think you've finally got it right this time around.
We shall see.
What would you tell your feelings if you could?
i say that all the time! @arshada
this wat I will say
feelings.... why are u so stupid like me ?? I hate u...