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With my understanding of Korean the conversations goes something like this: Police oficer: something about SH and HS relationship and them living tgether. JHS: yes we live together,right (to SH) PSH: r-right,noona( to JHS) Atorney Choi Yoo-Chang: by the lookof it,you don't know they might be dating (JHS and atorney Cha Kwan-Woo ) Cha Kwan-Woo: atorney Jang has something happened recently,you look worried(troubled),like someone whose about to get caught by someone. something by someone Cha Kwan-Woo: (to JHS) are yu by chance close to prosecutor Seo Do-Yeon JHS: no.Idon't whant that. Cha Kwan-Woo: aeyyy JHS: chichi pong(don't know what that is) Cha Kwan-Woo: what the. JHS: 100% the older brother is the criminal. Cha Kwan-Woo: the younger brother is the criminal 100%. JHS: ok let's stop until here. Police oficer: (to JHS) Min Joon-Kook moved. JHS: realy??(to the police oficer) Police oficer: (to JHS and PSH) you won't see Min Joon-Kook for the rest of your lives(forever) JHS: (to PSH) can I realy trust that??(the police oficers words)
@winterlovesong I'd love to,but it would'nt realy be a live recap because I don't live in Korea,but I will gladely put links to the eps when they are out online,there is a card I made in the Lee Jong Suk page on vingle,check it out if you'd like
thank you thank you thank you! I've just downloaded this episode and no time to watch it. Great drama ^^ Will you do live recap for it too?