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With my understanding of Korean the conversations goes something like this: Police oficer: something about SH and HS relationship and them living tgether. JHS: yes we live together,right (to SH) PSH: r-right,noona( to JHS) Atorney Choi Yoo-Chang: by the lookof it,you don't know they might be dating (JHS and atorney Cha Kwan-Woo ) Cha Kwan-Woo: atorney Jang has something happened recently,you look worried(troubled),like someone whose about to get caught by someone. something by someone Cha Kwan-Woo: (to JHS) are yu by chance close to prosecutor Seo Do-Yeon JHS: no.Idon't whant that. Cha Kwan-Woo: aeyyy JHS: chichi pong(don't know what that is) Cha Kwan-Woo: what the. JHS: 100% the older brother is the criminal. Cha Kwan-Woo: the younger brother is the criminal 100%. JHS: ok let's stop until here. Police oficer: (to JHS) Min Joon-Kook moved. JHS: realy??(to the police oficer) Police oficer: (to JHS and PSH) you won't see Min Joon-Kook for the rest of your lives(forever) JHS: (to PSH) can I realy trust that??(the police oficers words)
thank you thank you thank you! I've just downloaded this episode and no time to watch it. Great drama ^^ Will you do live recap for it too?
@winterlovesong I'd love to,but it would'nt realy be a live recap because I don't live in Korea,but I will gladely put links to the eps when they are out online,there is a card I made in the Lee Jong Suk page on vingle,check it out if you'd like