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"Min Yoongi? Is that supposed to mean something to me?" I asked curtly. "I don't know you, and I would appreciate it if you would back off of me." I pushed his hand away from the side of my head and hurriedly rushed out of the room. How rude! I thought. Who is he to do that to me? He's probably just some bum that my dad probably felt bad for and just let him crash on the couch while no one was here. Still fuming I found my dad in the employee break room. He was sitting at a small round table with two bags of chips and two sandwiches. "Ah there you are Y/N. I was starting to worry you had gotten lost." My father said warily. The tv in the room was on some channel called the Arirang network. I didn't watch much tv so I had never seen the tv show that was playing it was called something like AFTER SCHOOL CLUB I think. I didn't really pay attention. "Dad. There was this guy...." I started. As I started to talk he handed me a sandwich and gestured for me to take a seat. I reached for the sandwich and took a quick bite. I hadn't realized just how hungry I was until the food hit my tongue. Soon I had finished half of the sandwich almost in one bite. "You were saying?" My father pondered. "Hmm?" I replied with my mouth full. I had completely forgotten what I was saying. My brain had switched over to food mode. As I tried to remember what I was going to tell him I looked over to the tv. "WHAT THE HELL!" I choked out. On the screen before me was the grey haired man from earlier. He sat there on a seat with that smug gummy smile. "What's wrong Y/N?" My dad questioned. "Dad? What is this show?" I asked quickly. My dad then looked to the television. "Oh this is that show that has the Kpop stars on it." He stated. "Kpop stars? Are you sure?" I asked worriedly. When my father nodded his head I thought I would faint. He's a Kpop star? I screamed internally. "Dad I uh, I need to go. I don't feel so well." "Oh ok I don't need anymore messes to clean up. Just go I'll finish up then come home." My dad answered.
Quickly I rushed down to the last floor of the building. I could feel my blood pressure rising. My face felt like a fire demon had backhanded me. I needed air. I scrambled for the door. Reaching for the facing of the door I pushed with all of my might. "Aish!" Someone screamed. "Oh I'm so sorry! I'm so sor-" I stopped apologizing as I looked upon the face of my victim. It was him. Min freaking Yoongi. The Kpop star. Just great. "Jeez you really aren't a people person are you?" He stated while laughing. "I'm great with people. It's just you. Do you make it a habit of invading the personal space of people you just met?" I added. He chuckled at me. He freaking chuckled at me. That did it. I started to walk away. I wasn't going to take this. I don't care if he's a Kpop star or not. How rude! "Hey!" He yelled. My head was suddenly pushed up against the wall nearest to me. For a short second I felt a small pain at the back of my head. The pain was nothing compared to the feeling in my stomach. Min Yoongi had me pinned. His face was once again too close to mine. Did he like to push the limits? My lip trembled as his hand reached for the back of my head. Yoongi was gentle as he slowly rubbed the back of my head. Was he trying to console me? The look in his eyes was hard for me to read. He was no longer looking at me but my lips. Something in me was scared. Something in me was ready. "I'm sorry. Please don't be angry with me. I just really liked that song I heard before. You said you wrote more. If they are anything like that one then they must be amazing. I told you I write music too. I have a proposition for you. Let's make music together." Is he serious? I thought. The look on his face told me my answer. Yes. Yes he was serious. "Could you let go of me?"
Ooooooh what's gonna happen next? Chapter 3 will be out Saturday!
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