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When you think of spring, your first thought is more than likely warm weather and pastels. While pastel shades are great in the spring, it seems as if celebrities are opting for a different combination of colors this season. In most cases, we associate the color red to either the holiday's or Christmas, but it seems like we may just have a new color trend on our hands.
Fashion mavens get your pens and pads ready because this season celebrities near and far have been spotted wearing black and red quite frequently. Can I just mention how I'm not the biggest red fan, but I'm loving this combination. If you're loving the edginess with the bolder shades this spring, keep scrolling to see a handful of celebrities and inspirational red and black looks you can also rock below.

Are you loving the black and red combination?

Would you rock it in the spring?
I feel like black looks great with pretty much any color. black and pink is def nice. I'm pretty big on white and black. I like it keep it as simple as possible @TurtleyTurtles
I really have no seasonal fashion sense. I don't care what the color is, if I like it, I wear it whenever. I'm also not a big fan of red, but pairing it with black looks great. I prefer more black with red details. The color combination I have always loved is black and hot pink or kind of a darker pink... maybe magenta?
Indeed 馃 @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton :) it does bring life to any look 馃榾
thank you!!! I'm a huge fan of a red lip. it brings life to any look & I'm so glad that you appreciate the card :) @MyAffairWith
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