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You drag yourself home around 5 am. Your girlfriends crash around your apartment on any flat space available. Around noon your phone buzzes with an incoming call. You reach over and slap it off the bed.
Around 3 pm mumbles, grumbles, and moans are starting to be heard from around the apartment. You call a driver for those that live elsewhere and you make plans to meet everyone at a halfway between coffee shop at 4. Your phone is totally forgotten until time to leave. You destroy your bedroom looking under clothes, comforter, pillows, and finally find it in the corner under the cat. You can see you have two texts and one missed call but your phone is dead, it will have to charge on the way to get coffee.
The coffee shop isn’t packed at this hour so you are able to procure the entire bench against the back wall. You friends trickle in bit by bit, the barista making frequent trips to your table with different mochas. As the coffee starts to kick in everyone starts chatting about the karaoke room the night before.
“Did that really happen or were we all having the same hallucination?”
“Can I have that hallucination again? Damn they were fine and could they sing!” She fans herself with a table menu and everyone giggles.
“Did you see those dance moves? I swear I dreamed about those all night last night.”
“Right? I wish the lights had been working better, it would have been nice to see finer details,” she winks and everyone roars.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with your eyes; the details I saw were absolutely magnificent.” Everyone groans over at her and someone hands her a napkin. She looks at it in question and receives, “For the drool, just there at the side of your mouth.”
She balls it up and throws it back across the table.
“Hey, did anyone get a copy of the picture that Jiho guy took?”
Missy turns to you, “Didn’t I hear him ask how to send it to you?”
You nod, “Yeah, but my phone’s dead. I’ll check in a minute.”
The door chimes and a few of you glance up in curiosity. You can suddenly hear whispers, “Isn’t that Choi Taejoon?”
Other heads pops up around the table, “The actor?”
He smiles and nods at the lot of you but continues to a room off in the back. All your friends are now suddenly giddy and twitterpated. You just laugh at them as your phone beeps that it’s fully charged. Best investment you ever made; that portable battery charger.
You check your missed call, it’s totally a number you don’t know; you ignore it. The text messages are from the same number. Out of interest you open the first one,
UNK: Join me for coffee? Jiho
Jiho? The guy from last night? You smile at the fact he wants to see you again. You add him to your contacts list and list him as ‘Karaoke Kitty’. You still can’t believe a guy like that has a Hello Kitty phone case. Something keeps niggling at the back of your brain, you've heard that someone else has one. You shake your head, but what does that mean? Does that make him a marshmallow disguised as a tough guy or a tough guy just trying to look cool and pick up chicks?
You move to the next text he sent. It opens to the picture of everyone last night. Before you enlarge it to see everyone more clearly you read his message.
“Recognize us now?”
As you enlarge the picture your phone drops out of your hands and clatters to the table. Your girlfriends look over wondering what’s wrong. Missy picks up your phone and lets out a little squeal. Your phone gets passed around the table; by the time it returns to you everyone has big eyes and open mouths.
“Guys, we totally just spent the night with Block B and had no idea.” You totally remember taking that picture. Jiho had grabbed you and pulled you in front of him, wrapping an arm around you. As you look back at the picture, your Karaoke Kitty has just turned into none other than Zico.
SQUEAL!!!*jumps around like an idiot* sorry fangirl moment he he!
like do we live in Cali or Korea? like I totally would have no braincells to recognize BLOCKB but it's so much more acceptable in the States.. especially if they sing to us.. lol but this read is so awesome!! you are at it again with another good one. ;)
yasssss finally it took her a while but now she knows 😆😆😆😆😆😀😀😀😀😀 is this going to continue cause I want to me tag until it ends this soooooooo good I can't with it right now I love it so much XD