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Hello fellow vinglers! I have decided to become a supporter of the Monsta X community on Vingle! I plan to help @JohnEvan in making Monsta X more known on Vingle. So let me just tell you about myself!
1. My name is Chyona! 2. I am 15 3. I am a female 4. I love food 5. I am African American 6. I am learning Korean 7. I can sing and rap 8. I can't dance 9. I am a tomboy 10. I am shy 11. I love A LOT if kpop groups. Which includes SHINee, BTS, BAP, exo, seventeen, astro and more!
I am looking forward to this community! I really love monsta x and I feel they need more love! look forward to it!
time to mention people! @RainaC3 @kyokeo @lovetop @ILikeHisFace123 @kpowell @KpopIsLife16 @swarriar16 @ThePinkPrincess if you want to be added to the list tell me!
Looking forward to being dragged into Monsta X :D
Yeah!!! Nice !!! looking forward on showing us more about Monster X <---very new to this group.
me tag me por favor
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