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I've only played Star Wars: Battlefront for a few hours. So by no means am I good at this game. But I can recognize when other people are amazing at it. I mean, take this video for example. I didn't think anything spectacular was going to happen while I was watching it. I've seen scoped kills before.
But this wasn't a scoped kill at all... I was tricked. I was duped. And I don't know how they did it. They probably used some kind of magic or maybe... Maybe they're an actual Jedi but the Force only manifests itself when you play Star Wars video games.
I mean, do you think you could make this shot without using the Force? Or maybe without somehow cheating and telling the pilot to fly right into the bullet you just shot into the sky? I don't think so.

Whoever this player is, they're probably a Jedi. Probably.

What do you guys think about this shot? Any of you guys this good at a video game?
The guy he shot must have been so confused hahahahaha!!!
that's pretty cool and luckily they've recorded it, now he/she will be able to tell their grandkids that grandpa/grandma used to be cool!
he's clearly trash
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