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A couple days ago, news broke that the parent company of famous California soul-food chain Roscoe's Chicken N' Waffles would be declaring bankcruptcy.
For all of my Vinglers in Cali, this had to be terrible news. I know a lot of famous people who love to eat there. Rather then sit on the sidelines and watch the franchise die, Snoop Dogg has stepped up to the plate and said he wants to invest in the company.
TMZ reporter caught up with him last night and informed him of the bankruptcy. Initially, it was clear he was struck by the news—but then offered up a solution, saying that he'll buy it: "I guess I'm gonna have to name it Snoop Dogg's Chicken N' Waffles."

I would love to see Snoop Dogg buy the company instead of watching it fold, wouldn't you?

Their waffles and macaroni and cheese are AMAZING. I would be devastated if Roscoe's closed, especially since it's always the place I want to go when I'm up in the LA area. @arnelli @Arellano1052 DOTH THOU AGREE??
@danidee AWWW YEAH