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Junsu flips his brother off, never taking his eyes from you. A few minutes later Juno’s car can be heard driving away.
“Are you real?”
You nod, “I’m so sorry. If I had known..”
He moves forward, silencing you with his finger. “Shh, it was my fault, I didn’t think. Are you sure you’re alright?” He moves his hands down to yours and pulls your arms up for inspection. He begins kissing your bruises, repeatedly saying; “I’m sorry, so sorry.”
You remove your hands from his and raise his face to yours. “Did you mean it? You wrote that song for me?”
His hands come over to cup your face, his thumbs stroking your cheeks. “Every note and every word. It was just for your ears, I didn’t want to publicize it.”
You give him a watery smile, “If you hadn’t, we might not be here right now.” You lean in and kiss him softly on the lips; “Saranghae.”
He’s already told the world his confession to you; your return confession brings a mist to his eyes. He begins stroking your hair back, “I thought I’d lost you. I didn’t know what to do.”
His lips find yours again. What begins as a kiss filled with reverence, becomes one all about worship. He kisses your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, and makes his way back to your mouth from your chin. When you break apart; he smiles, takes your hand and leads you to the guest room.
“For hyung,” he says as he opens the door. He picks you up and throws you on the bed laughing. “However, I think we should go crazy in here and throw things around.” He winks as he lowers himself down to you, “Make him rethink telling us what we can and can’t do.”
You don’t care what Juno tells you to do, you now owe him for giving you back the man in your arms.
- - - -
The next morning a phone goes off horribly early. Junsu reaches over to turn it off; rolls back and pulls you against him.
“I have to go. We’re travelling to the next city today, so I need to get back and pack.” He kisses your neck as you snuggle into him. He suddenly turns you around, “Why don’t you come with me? I already had a ticket for you for Tokyo, but you’re already here. You can work during the day right? Just like if you were here?”
You nod at his question, “You really want me along? I won’t be a distraction?”
He growls and takes a bite of your shoulder; “Woman, you were more a distraction when I didn’t know where you were.” He kisses his love bite and rolls over on his back; “But if you’re coming, we need to get up now.” He looks over at you and kisses you on the nose, “To be continued.”
- - - - - -
As the two of you head down the hall of Juno’s house, he looks over from the kitchen counter. “Well, if it isn’t the lovebirds. Do I at least get a thank you before you run off together?”
You lean over and kiss his cheek, “Best decision I ever made was calling you.”
Junsu looks over at you, glancing between you and Juno, “What?”
“He didn’t tell you?”
Junsu looks at his brother, “Just what should you have told me?”
Juno stares off at the ceiling; when he looks back down he’s a smartass. “That you owe me for her plane ticket. I hear you’ve got one sitting back at your penthouse; just switch it to my name. Let’s see, where do I want to go on vacation on you?”
Junsu looks at you, “I won’t get a straight answer from him, care to fill me in?”
You’re suddenly nervous; this won’t make a difference between you will it? You take a breath and begin. “When Juno came that weekend, he left me a note telling me that if I ever needed anything, I could call him. When I got your flowers and thought you meant that card… I called him. I couldn’t face you thinking you felt that way. He flew me over the day before yesterday, after I was released from the hospital.”
Junsu turns back to Juno, “You acted like you had no idea where she was and she was here the whole time?” He takes a deep breath and scrubs his hand down his face. “You know what, it doesn’t matter.” He brings your clasped hands to his lips, “This is all that matters. So, thank you hyung.” He reaches over and gives Juno a one armed hug.
Juno backs away suspiciously, “Who are you and what have you done with my nam dongsaeng?”
You all share a laugh as Junsu turns you to the door. “We have a schedule to keep.”
“I’m headed there also, she can just catch a ride with me,” Juno offers.
Junsu shakes his head, “I think I’ll keep her right here; where she belongs.”
Epilogue (6 months later)
You’re flying in from the States, Junsu from Japan. He was there promoting a new JYJ album and the two of you haven’t seen each other in a month. You’ve now finalized your dealings in the U.S.; all your clients know that you are still available, just now living at a different mailing address.
During the last six months you've convinced him to release your song as a new single. The fan cam videos from that one concert have had over a million hits. In the comments, fans want to know where they can purchase it, and when they can download it.
‘Heartbeat’ turned out to be a bigger success than either of you realized; personally and professionally.
Your flights are coming in within fifteen minutes of each other; you’ve agreed to simply meet in the car at the curb. His flight is shorter and arrives first; he is waiting in the car for you with a cold drink.
After a lengthy embrace and kiss, he asks his usual question, “Have you eaten?”
At the shake of your head, he has the driver stop and pick up an order. Do-yun stays in the car with the two of you.
“How’ve you been Do-yun?”
“Can’t complain squirt, where did you lose Joon-woo?”
“He caught an earlier connecting flight out to see his family. His mother has some woman she’s demanding he be set up with.” You laugh, remembering the look Joon-woo had given you when he got his mother’s message.
Do-yun shudders, “I think my mother has given up on me, thank the heavens.”
“Well, as your other family, I guess that leaves it up to us to fix you up.”
He looks over the seat at you, “You have friends like you? I won’t accept any other woman.”
Junsu looks up from his phone, “Back off Do-yun. We haven’t seen each other in a month. In fact,” he reaches over and rolls up the divider glass between the seats; “Enough conversation.”
You smile and shake your head at him, “Silly man. No matter how hard your guards try, there will ever only be you.”
He reaches into his pocket, “Maybe this will help keep them in their place.” He pulls out a beautiful ring box. “Our rings are finally finished. I picked them up while I was in Tokyo.” He opens the lid to reveal matching heartbeat rings.
“Oh, they turned out beautifully,” you comment as he slides one onto your finger. You return the favor and seal the exchange with a kiss.
He pulls you over to rest your head against his shoulder. Kissing the top of your head and pushing your hair back; this is his new familiar habit.
“Who would have guessed that a few misheard words would find my heartbeat?”
The End
=[ omg, it's over. I hope you guys enjoyed it - I credit this man's amazing talent to restoring my heartbeat after years of PTSD.
I loved it all, sad it's over but all good things must come to an end. Great job!
OMG yay! And those rings are amazing!!!!!!
😢 I loved reading this story. So sad it's over.
I can always have Do-yun 😋
Great story, I loved it. And this medical nerd also loves those rings.
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