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Hey Vingle Nakama!

We're picking up some steam in our Nakama Campfire Challenge! We've already talked about our dopplegangers, our birth years, and our anime fashion icons so far! So let's keep that energy moving!
So with all that said, and without any further ado, here's the challenge question for today!

What's your favorite 'older' anime? (Preferably pre-2000s)

My Pick: Akira

I think it's important to know about anime that precedes all of what we watch and love in the modern day. Especially to know about the important anime that helped define the genre.
So for this challenge, I have to say that I think that Akira is one of the best anime of all time, and certainly my favorite 'older' anime.

Remember to make a card in response to this prompt for the giveaway!

And be sure to tag me, so I can clip it!

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loved that movie πŸ˜„πŸ˜