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We all know all shows do it but some shows do it more than others. Now, what does this have to do with Supernatural? Well, it was pointed out by several people that our beloved character Charlie was created for products placement only.
Charlie's character is quirky, smart, nerd and just down right awesome tech wiz. So, why would a hacker not be prefect to set up shop and show product placement.
Every time Charlie is needed she uses the surface tablet also, alot of people spotted some sloppy placement, when Charlie would open the computer for no reason just to show the logo.
Even Bobby had a run in with a Windows Tablet, that Sam had to explain that had nothing to do with the plot. XD So, Winchester family do you guys hate product placement.. In any show?
It does kind of bug me, especially when the writing doesn't support it. It pulls you out of the moment because the characters do something totally off topic or interrupt their conversation to mention it. There's definitely ways to do it that isn't disruptive though, and ads are after all the reason people make shows, so they can make money. I've seen a few shows that have the characters dressed in certain fashion and if you like it you can go online or something after and find it- stuff like that doesn't pull you out of the moment
I remember seeing one ad in a show on Fox. I can't remember the name but it was horrible, it was for a car and every moment they had the cast mention stuff like oh wait, we don't have to stop for gas etc. Some of the placement is tasteless.