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They're (probably) not related.

Last week we did Mystique and HyunA, which was pretty tricky! Maybe they're secretly the same person? This week, each of the following quotes is from either Sharon Carter or Jimmy Carter. Let's see how well you know your trivia!

Click the arrow on the right side of the image to find out if you guessed correctly!

Breaking news about this strong anti-toast position in a moment...
We'll learn by killing other people's children! Right? Wait no.
It's like the flu. Comes back around every year.
I am.
I believe in you.
Passion for broken bones is at an all-time low.
Instructions unclear: Sat down.
Introducing new world: Just like the old one only different.

So... was Jimmy Carter secretly a Captain America character?

YOU decide America! And let me know how you did ^_^
I got one wrong yay. I don't even know either of these people I just guessed with "what would a president spout to the peeps" in mind
the fact that I got all these right and I know nothing about either character is terrifying to me lol
I got them all but the last one lol I thought I figured out a pattern
lol @shonnonl5 lord you and these crazy quizzes😂😂
only three right:( im getting worse at this TT^TT
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