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At first I thought it wouldn't be a legit argument but when I saw a comparison they are SUPER SIMILAR!!
Okay we all know what their album looks like...
And this is the novel's cover...WHAT IS THIS? BTS hasn't responded and I'm not sure what they or the company would do in this situation because of course copyright laws are in place. As we can all see the fans pointed out a very legitimate claim. What do you guys think? Source: allkpop
ha probably thought he'd sell more books because people would grab it thinking it was bts album and get home and go what the hell is this!
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i dont belive in allkpop untill soompi says stuff im out
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It looks the same, I had to look twice just to realize that it was different
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looks really similar from all angles lol i am really trying to differentiate nd i cant
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They look almost completely the same just the novel has a filter
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