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genres I like: kind of romance (I don't like when it's all about romance), action, comedy!!!!!!!!, and horror.
I have some Anime in my collection Anime Info ♡ ^-^
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Tokyo Ghoul , Fairy tail, Fairy tail zero, Death note , Future diary,maid sama ....
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date a live, shomin sample, and baka and test
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It would all depend on the genre you want to watch. I don't think you could ever go wrong with Black Butler, Say 'I Love You', Ouran High School Host Club, Your Lie in April, or Elfen Lied. All of them are good, but they each vary as of style and genre. Also, some have mature content. Sorry if I listed some you've already seen, but feel free to message me and I can give u the list of what I've watched 😄
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watch them allllll
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