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Hello, why are you always so present. you go from happy to sad it s blank of an eye. why wont you let me free and not care. why cant you allow me to love and ve loved again. you always there lingering waiting for something or someone to push a botton. you love to show all you are ever present. constantly showing people that you exist. sometimes your positive and sometimes your negative. I love to show the positive side of you. I kringe when you control my negative side. Although there are times when I want you to dissapear I know that you make me who I am. I have learned so much about myself through all of you. Therefore. all I ask is that you learn how to control your urges and keep calm. see you around. inspired by @Jordanhamilton
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I would tell my feelings this: feel what you want to feel. No matter if it's cheesy, honest, or raw - just do what you think is right. Everything else will gather like it is supposed to.