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There's a catch!

Most of the time when we discuss these characters fighting it's a question of how their powers translate to their respective universes. So to mix it up: Who would win in a fight... if NONE of them had powers? Just three regular people. Who are really mad at each other. For some reason.
it depends on what we consider for them as a whole as part of their abilities and if theu still jave their knowledge. Idk if its cannon but when superman was hit with some red Kryptonite he lost his powers for a week and Batman taught him boxing and to us his body to his advantage teaching superman the basics of fighting. While Thor has learned hand to hand combat from Captain America. Goku has learned Marital Arts from a lot of people around the world. Based on that Knowledge and Training Goku would win expirience with high level fighters of his own ability or higher
Without using powers, Goku can lift 10 tons on each limb at the end of the Buu saga, so if NONE of the competitors have powers, Goku is an instant win. He has monstrous strength, and he trains his body. Neither Superman or Thor train.
Goku is really the only one who trains his body and reflexes every day. The other two don't because they are basically gods in a sense so they don't see the need. Goku wins because of experience and training
Goku since he is best martial artist and all around fighter
Goku. he doesn't have to rely on his abilities. just his strength. abilities are What make thor and superman who they are. It literally defines their strength. and Holy has the ability of his inner chi. something that is a natural ability and innate.
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