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Who Would Win in a Fight?

There's a catch!

Most of the time when we discuss these characters fighting it's a question of how their powers translate to their respective universes. So to mix it up: Who would win in a fight... if NONE of them had powers? Just three regular people. Who are really mad at each other. For some reason.
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Oh my bad then superman could just pound his ass to a pulp
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Despite powers from the sun, supes got a VERY MUSCULAR body he can still take on villains and take the hits to a degree
a year ago·Reply
goku or what ever...
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The guys at Deathbattle took the ire information directly from the shows, movies, and comics on both sides of the fence. so if you're saying "they used bad information and everyone that sees it my way agrees", then you and all the other Goku fan boys who are simply uneducated about Superman are saying the writers themselves for it wrong in the first place. You're just saying it's bad info because you don't like the results.
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They even gave Goku a little bit of help by letting him go Super Saiyan 4, which the creator of DBZ says isn't canon, and limited Superman a little by not letting him make up his own super powers on the spot, which is something he could do in the comics in the 80s for a little while. Even with that, AND Super Saiyan God, Superman wins. The numbers don't lie boys.
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