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So I work construction and we mudded out because of the bad rain yesterday. Well my crew left and I went over to work on my mom's crew in the warehouses They were busting crates open and we were looking for a certain item. I FOUND CRATES FROM BUSAN AND SEOUL I even tried pronouncing where in Seoul the crate came from And it was funny watching one of them watch me get excited from seeing the country of origin.
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I saved the envelope that delivered my BTS cds because it was postmarked in Daegu 😂😂 Idk what finding those crates would've done to my heart!!
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@krin I just grinned to myself
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So cool! (would have been cooler if there was an idol group in the crate but such is life lol)
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@kpopandkimchi I would've just closed the crate and loaded it up in my truck
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