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Hey Vingle Nakama!

I've been a fan of manga and anime for probably ~12 years or so, ever since I was a kid watching DBZ, then reading Naruto, Bleach, and etc. At the same time, I was fairly interested in American comics, albeit not as much as Manga. I did try to read the arcs I found most interesting though (I got all the Maximum Carnage books at a garage sale and loved it).
I've seen a bunch of fan art in my life that marries the two different art styles. Like the picture above of X-Men Colossus and Rogue drawn in the style of anime.

It prompts me to raise a question: What Marvel comics do you think would make good anime?

Personally, I'd love to see Young Justice as an anime.

It's a great setup for one already. A team of teenaged superheroes? Check. Superpowers? Check. Dramatic teenage tension? Check. Not enough seasons? Check.
It's halfway to anime anyway! It would be soooooo gooooood. Plus, more Young justice of any kind would be well received. BRING BACK YOUNG JUSTICE.

What Marvel comic would make a good anime?

Make a card about your choice!

Deadpool but (I know it's DC) I would love be teen titans to be an anime!
the silver surfer
DAREDEVIL BATMAN IRON FIST DEADPOOL THE PUNISHER NIGHTWING MOONKIGHT I would name more but I could go on for a while This is the link to what I was talking about. I want this as a series.
Actually there were these shorts that Cartoon Network would show and it was of Batman in Shanghai and it was so well animated, and anime-like. I'd want a series of that specific cartoon short.
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