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chapter 3 : Step 1

Jimin: You actually made a deal with her?!
J-Hope: well then I guess hell must've froze over then huh?
Jungkook: does this mean we'll be popular too?
Jin: Suga how could you let yourself be manipulated like that?!
RM: Yeah, what are you thinking?
"2,000 a week. To start" I said.
V: 2,000 dollars?!!!
"Noooo, chocolate bars. Of course dollars." I said.
Jimin: Damn, that's good money.
Jin: ALOT of money. How are you gonna keep that from your parents?
"I'll just say I've been getting more scholarship money. Besides I'm also gonna use the money for our benefit." I said.
RM: Our benefit?
"Yeah, we can finally buy equipment." I smiled.
J-Hope: What did you mean by 2,000 to start?
Jungkook: Yeah. I was wondering that too.
"Well, she said our 'relationship' was going to build up and yeah...she said she'd give me more money" I said.
Jimin: you mean like....kiss?
They guys teased and laughed.
"Whatever. It's more money, besides, it's pretend. So who cares" I shrugged.
J-Hope: Just keep in mind Suga, one thing about making a deal with the devil...he always comes to collect. In this case she.
After school, the guys and I decided we'd go look at some music equipment. We walked by a limo and kept discussing aunt what we'd need.
"Wait! Sir!"
I heard someone calling out.
"Mr. Min!"
I turned around to see that brat's driver. He took me home yesterday, what's damn. I forgot. I sighed.
J-Hope: Duty calls. Haha.
"Whatever. I'll meet up with you guys later, this shouldn't take long." I said.
Jin: What about the equipment?
"Just go check it out. We'll talk later." I said.
They nodded.
RM: Later bro.
Jimin: don't do anything I wouldn't do~
V: Keke. Say hi to your girlfriend for us.
I rolled my eyes and walked to the limo.
The driver opened the door for me. "The heiress is at home waiting for you sir. Please make yourself comfortable and eat and drink whatever you'd like" he said.
"Uhh, okay. I guess."
He closed the door.
There's so many buttons back here. What's this? I pressed a button and a cold champagne bottle rose up.
"Woah. This is surreal!"
The champagne glass rose up a few seconds after.
I've never had this stuff before, I wonder if it's good. I poured myself a glass, hmm what's this button do?
A little tray of 7 different appetizers rose up on the right side.
"Hmm, I could get used to this." I sipped on the champagne and tried the food. "Not bad"
lexi Marie’s pov
"Did you call my stylist?!"
"Y-Yes ma'am."
"Well?! Where is he?! Gosh, do I have to do everything around here?! Ugh! And where are the designers?!"
"They'll be here momentarily Miss Tipton."
"And the food?! I don't see any food! I'd better see a variety of foods here in 30 seconds or I swear I will fire each and every one of you! Make sure there's sweets too! Chop chop people!" I snapped my fingers.
"Yes ma'am!"
Gosh, these people don't know how to do their jobs right! They scrambled around like ants.
"Move it! Everything has to be perfect!" I yelled.
"Miss Marie, why are you being so demanding today?" Stella asked.
"Stella, what part of 'don't question me' do you not understand?" I looked at her. "We're having guests over and I want to give them the 'Tipton' welcome."
"Yes, of course. My apologies Miss." She apologized.
"Oh my god! WHERE IS THE FOOD?!!!" I exclaimed.
"I'll go check with the chefs Miss Marie" Stella said and quickly scurried away.
I sighed. Man this is such a disaster.
I turned around. "Oh, hi Sebastian" I smiled.
"Your guest has arrived." He smiled back.
"You mean the peasant?" I asked.
"I heard that!"
I grinned.
"Well, thank you Sebastian for bringing him. I greatly appreciate it." I said.
"It's always a pleasure to serve you" he smiled and left my presence.
"For the record, I'd appreciate it if you didn't refer to me as a peasant. After all this peasant is helping you!" Suga said.
"Haha. Yeah but I'm paying the peasant." I looked at him.
He glared at me. "Well, I don't have to stick around to be insulted, if you're gonna treat me like a peasant, the deals over."
"Oh don't be so sensitive. I was only joking, besides if you wouldn't leave, your friends are counting on you now aren't they? I assume you've told them already, that money will sure come in handy. If you bail they'll be disappointed." I said.
He muttered something under his breath.
"Oh? Did you say something?" I asked.
"Not at all..." He said sarcastically.
The food was arriving.
"Finally. What took you idiots so long?!" I asked.
"Our apologies, Miss Marie. It won't happen again." The servers said as they arranged the food.
I saw Suga looking at everything.
"You hungry?" I asked.
"Uhh. No." He said but kept looking at the food.
"Haven't you ever seen this kind of food before?" I asked.
"It looks weird." He said.
"Weird? You're crazy. Try it, you'll like it" I said. "Go on"
"What should I try?" He asked.
"Anything, Everything. The Coquilles Saint-Jacques are really delicious." I pointed them out.
He made a face. "What's that?"
"Scallops" I said.
He shook his head. "I'm good"
"Sole Meunière?" I asked.
"What the hell are you talking about?" He looked at me.
"It's fish" I said.
"Mmm-mm." He shook his head.
"Hachis Parmentier, Cheese Soufflé, Pot-au-feu, Magret de Canard, Pan-seared Foie Gras, Navarin D'Agneau, Fondue Savoyarde, Tartiflette, Flammekueche?" I asked as I showed him.
"You're really giving me a headache" he said as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.
"Well, what about this? Steak Tartare." I said.
His eyes widened. "Is that raw?!"
I nodded. "Raw meat."
He gagged.
I was actually really surprised. No one’s ever turned down French cuisine before. He doesn't even seem impressed, more like annoyed. It all smells so delightful but he's clearly not interested.
"Okay, what do you want? Hmm? Tell me and I'll have the chefs prepare it for you. Weirdo. Turning down fine French foods" I shook my head.
"A burger" he said. "With curly fries"
I looked at him a bit lost. "A what?"
"A burger. You know a hamburger?" He looked at me.
He scoffed. "Don't tell me you don't know what a hamburger is!"
I shrugged. "I don't eat out, at all. Everything is made for me here but I've never had one of these hamburgers of which you speak. If you want it I'll ask Stella to bring it to you" i said.
"No, It's alright. I'll try this stuff..." He said with a worried face.
"Does that taste like pizza? Cuz it looks like pizza." He pointed at the Flammekueche.
"Pizza? You have strange names for food. But I mean it's good. I'm sure you'll like it, they make this for me all the time" I said.
He sighed. "You need to get out more." He said as he grabbed a slice.
"How is it?" I asked.
"It's delicious, better than pizza." He grabbed another one.
I smiled. "Knock yourself out. There's refreshments over there." I said.
"Winston" I called out.
"Yes miss Marie?" He asked.
"Bring Suga something to drink." I looked at him. "What else do you want?"
"Umm, you got sweets?" He asked.
"Bring him the best pastries our chefs have to offer" I said. "And make it quick."
"Yes of course." Winston bowed and walked off.
"Wow, all these people are under your command?" He asked as he grabbed more Flammekueche.
Man he must really like it. But I wonder what pizza is and hamburgers, what does it look like? I've never had peasant food before.
"Uh, yeah. They're all my servants." I said.
"So, what's with all the food? It kinda seems like you're gonna have a banquet or something" he said as he looked around.
"You'll see. I have a special surprise for you" I grinned.
"Surprise? Like what?" He asked.
"Well, to be my boyfriend you have to look the part. A hair cut, hair dye, new wardrobe, different style and definitely some color on your face. You're so pale." I said.
"What's wrong with the way I look?" He asked.
"What isn't?" I shook my head.
"What? I'm being honest. This has a rep to protect and you have become part of that therefore you have to look the part." I said.
"No way, this wasn't part of the deal." He shook his head.
"What if I told you that your friends would also be a part of the rich life experience?" I asked.
"They'd never agree to this whole 'makeover' bullshit" he assured.
I chuckled. So charming.
Winston: My apologies for the delay Master Suga, here is your drink and your sweets are on their way.
"Thank you Winston now be gone" I snapped.
With that said he walked away.
"Did he just call me Master?" Suga asked.
"You're my boyfriend now. Of course they'll refer to you as Master Suga or Lord Suga." I said.
"Hmm." He said as he took a sip of his drink.
-Suga POV-
This is a pretty swell place she has, I bet this is only part of the house though maybe even a fraction. She's such a bitch to her employees though. I understand she's the boss around here but damn, what a snobby brat. The pizza thing was pretty amazing, never tasted that before. I still can't believe she doesn't know what pizza or hamburgers are! She's rich and has all this money but hasn't bought any of that? Pfft. Her life must suck in that aspect. Although I felt pretty important when that butler called me 'Master'. I couldn't help but grin on the inside.
Sebastian: Madam your other guests have arrived.
"Other guests?" I wondered.
"Ah, excellent. Thank you Seba." She smiled.
She's so nice to him, does she have a thing for this guy or what? He even calls her by her first name, not Marie like the rest. There's got to be something going on there, maybe an affair.
J-Hope: Wow!
I recognize that voice.
Jimin: This place is so cool!
And that voice.
RM: Why were we summoned here anyway?
And that one too.
Jungkook: This place is huge! I can hear an echo when I talk.
V: Echo! Hahahaha!
Jin: Don't touch anything!
Just kill me now. Why are these fools here?!
I sighed.
"You were saying?" Marie smiled wickedly.
That little...ugh! She planned this!
Stella: Your stylist has arrived and so have the designers and makeup artists.
"Excellent" she smiled.
Stella: Is this the young man you're dating now?
She nodded. "Yup. Cute isn't he?"
Stella simply smiled.
Before I knew it the guys were standing next to me. I clenched my hands into fists.
"Ah, it's so good to have you boys" Marie smiled angelically.
Jin: no, thank you for having us.
"No problem at all boys. I'm sure you know why you're all here correct?" She asked.
Jimin: No not exactly.
J-Hope: a makeover it seems.
"You catch on quickly. But yes, a makeover. I will make you boys the most wanted, most popular boys at school. You will hang out with Suga and I along with the other rich and powerful. So I expect you to keep it classy. The best of the best are here to work on in other words after you're all perfected, don't...fuck it up" she said seriously.
We all looked at her wide eyed, kind of shocked. Her face went from cute to death.
She smiled again like nothing. "Good I'm glad you understand"
"Marie, my darling girl!"
"Aw! Cecil! My love, how are you? Muah!" She hugged him and kissed his cheek.
Cecil: Splendid dearest, just splendid! I brought my crew with me as you can see, you can never have too many stylists. I see your designers are here as well~ look at you, filthy rich and absolutely gorgeous.
"Merci" she smiled.
She greeted the rest of the people there. The guys and I felt awkward and out of place, this is so weird. Gay stylists and gay designers, they're gonna work on us and that sounds absolutely gay as it is. I guess, I mean she's paying for all this. I want to just get this over with already.
The designers were free for now, they were gonna eat first while the stylists worked on us. They took us into a salon room. It had everything, like her own little spa.
Cecil: Which one's the lucky guy?
Unfortunately, me.
"Him, the really pale one" she pointed at me.
Cecil: Oh goodness, what a nightmare! Don't worry honey, I'll turn him into the man of your dreams. Go on and leave us! I have much work to do!
She looked at me and grinned. "Have fun~"
Ohh, I swear if I didn't need that money...
She walked out of the salon/spa.
Cecil: So what's your name sweety?
"Not sweety, it's Suga. Thanks"
Cecil: Ohh a feisty one. Just the challenge this girl needs, How'd you guys meet anyway? I'm surprised she's with you, no offense but umm Dylan was kinda a millionaire and you, you look like a notllinare.
"We go to the same school." I said coldly.
Even the hair dresser insults me....great.
Cecil: Oh, how cute. So um, how'd you ask her out?
"I didn't, it just sorta happened." I said.
Cecil kept talking to me and kept asking me stupid questions which I answered with short sentences. He made comments on my skin and hair. It was annoying, the others seemed to be enjoying themselves. Getting pampered and stuff must feel nice to them, I personally don't care about the way I look. I am who I am but apparently this was necessary for that selfish self-centered brat.
Cecil: You know, Lexi isn't really who she seems. I know she comes off strong and prideful but she's a really sensitive and sweet girl.
Why is he telling me this? I could care less.
Cecil: I know she'll change with you. She doesn't talk to you like how she talked to Dylan. But yet again Dylan has no back bone, you he's been bugging her? She was so fed up with it she cried.
"Cried?" I asked.
That girl?! Cry? No way in hell, does she even cry normal tears or are they black like her soul?
Cecil: Yeah, she was really frustrated. But I'll let her open up to you, she'd kill me if I told you the true reason she dumped him. Poor baby.
Poor baby? Okay, clearly this man hasn't seen what a true monster she is!
lexi Marie’s pov
I wonder what they all look like, how he looks like. After all this is because of him, it's unacceptable for him to look all...all...peasant like! I needed him to look better than Dylan, I want the girls at school to envy me. I want that girl to pay and I want to crush Dylan. I took a deep breath. The designers are with them now, I'm having tea in the garden. I wonder when father and Lucielle will return, they haven't called. Mother had a new boyfriend just as I predicted. He's 20 years younger than her, she's 40 & he's 20. It was so weird seeing them together. He was hitting on me, when mom left us alone he was asking me all these questions and he even said I was beautiful and that he'd totally go out with me. I lashed out at him of course and threatened that if he ever hurt my mother he'd wish he'd never been born, I told him I had people watching him. Even though it's a lie, it scared him and shut him up.
The breeze outside was nice, the birds were singing, Prince and Princess were under a shady tree napping. Then there was me, a lonely girl who has everything but yet has nothing. Lately I've been wondering can money truly buy happiness?
Stella: Miss Marie, You're being summoned.
I got up from where I was sitting and followed her.
Cecil: Ready to see the results?
I nodded. "Yeah" I smiled.
He took the blind fold off. I was so amazed, they looked perfect!
"Ha. Oh wow. You guys look...." I cleared my throat. "Ahem, I mean. Good job everyone, they're certainly Tipton material now"
Cecil chuckled and whispered in my ear. "You know you love it. They're totally hot now"
Cecil knew me all too well. I looked at all of them again and studied their features. They really are good looking, more than before anyway. I liked it. Suga's gaze met mine, he looked the best in my eyes. The chocolate brown hair and the hair cut went nicely. The clothes for his bad boy charisma. I looked away from him and thanked the designers and hair stylists.
"Stella, has your reward. Go to the main office and once again thank you for coming on such short notice" I said.
They all bowed and made their way out.
"Well..." I looked at the boys. "Do you like your new look?"
Jimin: Yup.
Jin: Is it really okay for us to have all this?
"Of course. Money isn't an issue." I assured.
RM: Thank you. Like for real. This shit is dope.
J-Hope: I'm really content with my look. Thank you.
Jungkook: Thank you ^^
Aww, he's even more adorable than before.
V: I never thought my hair would be this orange but I like it!
"I'm glad" I smiled.
Suga: ........
Of course he'd stay quiet.
"Well, you're more than welcomed to stay and have dinner. You must be hungry after all that. I'll have Winston, Alfred, Harry, Sebastian, Alfonse, Gerard and Bailey take your things to the limo. Once you're ready to go just tell Clara and Sara, they'll be your maids for the evening or if you decide to stay please do. Make yourselves at home, if you want a tour of the mansion Clara and Sara can also show you." I said.
Jin: Won't you be joining us Miss Tipton?
"Please, call me Marie or Lexi. No need to be so formal and no, I'll be in my headquarters. I have things to think about and do" I said.
To be honest I just wanted to be alone. The whole Dylan thing has really drained me mentally, I just wanna be alone. I can't even put on a fake happy act at the moment.
I forced a smile on. "Well, if you'll excuse me." I said.
The boys bid me farewell and a good night. They're pretty nice and polite, all but Suga. He's as stubborn as a mule. I assume he's angry about the makeover thing. I smiled to myself, I find it rather funny.
"Stella!" I called out.
"Yes ma'am?" She came up at the speed of light.
She must've just paid my personnel and they were on their way.
"Please give my guest the best treatment, make sure you and the twins tend to their every need. No limits. Do what you must to keep them entertained, happy and satisfied. I'll be in the master suite" I said.
"As you wish Miss Marie" she bowed.
"Oh and another thing. If they wish to stay, be sure to give them the best rooms in the house, I want a butler assigned to them to serve them. Let them do what they want as long as it's not reckless." I said.
"Yes ma'am, anything else?" She asked.
"Give them a tour of the mansion if they wish and don't bother me. Unless it has to do with them I don't care for it" I said.
She nodded. "Whatever you say"
"Their things. Have Winston and them to take it to the limo but wait until after they decide whether to stay or not" I said.
"Yes my lady." She smiled.
"Very well, I trust you." I looked at them. "Enjoy and don't be afraid to ask for anything. Eat til your hearts content. My house is now yours. Excuse now, I'll be going"
I stepped into the elevator.
What an exhausting day, at least it's Friday tomorrow. I think I'll spend the weekend in Cancun. That'll help me relax.
An e-mail? I opened my inbox.
Good Night...Babe.'
I scoffed and laughed. "Seriously?"
That's so cheesy. I shook my head. I walked to the master suite a.k.a my third room in this house.
The least you can do is say it back! Jeez, I'm trying here!'
I smiled and decided to write back.
Good Night Love'
I sighed and set my phone down, I lay in bed just thinking. Thinking about how empty my life truly is, if it weren't for all the money and power I don't think anyone would talk to me. That's why I take so much pride in what I have. Wonder what tomorrow will bring, I yawned.
*knock knock*
"Miss Marie, they've decided to stay the night. Just thought I'd let you know, have a good night’s sleep" Stella said.
Hmm, so they decided to stay huh? Interesting. Wonder what made them stay, perhaps they've never seen a mansion bedroom before. In any case it's time to sleep, I feel like calling it a night despite the fact it's only 8:35. I think I'll shower and then sleep.
Ugh, not again! Whatver. It's probably not important but what if it's Suga?
I sighed. I checked my email.
I'm not going to give up, I'm not convinced that you're with that idiot. Why would you date a poor person to begin with? It makes no sense at all. You have so many to choose from and yet out of the blue suddenly HE'S your boyfriend? I won't stop until I know the truth.'
I checked the next one.
Oh by the way, changing his look won't change who he is.
I felt a rage surge through me. I clenched my phone as hard as I could then threw my phone as hard as I could against the wall.
I hate him! Why won't he just leave me alone?!
Clara and Sara: Miss Marie?!
They barged into my room.
Clara: Are you alright?
I balanced my breathing. "I'm fine."
Sara: Your hand!
I looked at it. Guess the glass from the phone cut me when I was crushing it. Am I really that strong?
I looked back up and saw the boys right behind them.
Clara: I'll get the first aid kit.
Sara: I'll get some tweezers to take that piece of glass out of her hand and also a magnifying glass.
They quickly hurried out of my room.
Suga: What was that about?
Jin: Are you alright?
Jimin: there's a hole in the wall o.O
"Nothing...what're you all doing here anyway?" I said.
V: Clara and Sara were showing us around.
"I see..."
The butlers came in.
Winston: Gentlemen, allow us to escort you to your rooms.
J-Hope: Good night Marie. Thank you so much for your hospitality.
"It's no problem at all. Please enjoy your stay and whatever you need, these men are all at your service as well as the maids." I said.
Jungkook: Thank you ^^
RM: Yeah, you're real cool.
I slightly smiled.
Suga: I'll be staying for a bit.
Winston: As you wish master Suga
Boys: Master Suga?
Suga smiled and moved his eyebrows.
Why is he staying? He has no business being here.
The boys said good bye once more and followed the butlers.
I sat on the bed. "Why did you stay?" I asked.
"I'm not stupid. I know there was a motive for that, so let's hear it" he looked at me.
Why does he care? He's supposed to only pretend at school, why is he asking?
"It's nothing." I said.
"That's not nothing. It's something. So you gonna tell me or should I just leave?" He said.
Tell him? Why should I? He's only asking cuz he wants more money for hearing me out.
"Why do you care?" I looked at him.
"I don't." He looked at me. "It just seemed like you needed to talk but since you don't wanna tell me, I could care less. Later" he turned to walk away.
Nobody turns their back on me! I grabbed his wrist.
"Ah! Ouch!" Wrong hand! Wrong hand!
I let go of him and made a pained face. Damn it!
"Ew, you got blood on my wrist. Here let me see" he grabbed my hand. "Go rinse it out, come on."
We walked to the restroom and he turned on the faucet. It stung. I flinched.
"I know it stings but if you don't rinse it, it can get infected."
He looks so sweet right now, real calm. Not like how he is at school, he looks kinda cute.
He noticed my stare and looked at me. "What?"
"Nothing." I said as I looked back at my hand.
He turned off the faucet and looked at my hand. "Ah, there it is."
He pulled out the little piece of glass from my palm.
"Quit whining, it's done and over with. Here." He ripped a piece of his shirt.
"You just ripped a 1,000 dollar shirt!" I exclaimed.
"It's a shirt. Chill, jeez." He wrapped the piece of cloth around my hand.
No one’s ever done this for me before. He didn't even care about ruining the shirt, to use it on my hand.
"There you big baby. All better." He said.
"Kiss it" I said.
His eyes widened. "What?! No way!"
"Kiss it. I'll feel much better if you kiss it." I smiled wickedly.
"You know, you're a real pain" his eyes narrowed.
"I'm waiting" I looked at him.
He sighed. He kissed my hand gently and looked at me as he did it.
He smiled so gently. "Is that better baby?"
My heart began to race. Oh my, his face just now.
"Uh? You okay?" He looked at me. "You're not already falling for me are you?" He teased. "It hasn't even been a week princess."
"Fall for you? Ha! Please, you just caught me off guard! Get out of my room peasant!" I yelled.
His expression changed. "I'm not a peasant! You little spoiled brat!"
"Aish! Get out!" I exclaimed.
"With pleasure! You annoying girl!" He stormed out.
Ohh! He gets on my nerves! I'd never fall for him! He's....he's so annoying! I took a deep breath and looked at my hand. What am I doing? I shouldn't have any contact with him outside of school, I have a rep to keep, if father finds out he might not like what I'm doing. Although Lucielle would understand. I shrugged. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait and see.
Clara and Sara never came back, probably lost, idiots. I locked the door and went back into the washroom to take a bath.
......To Be Continued......
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