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https://www.facebook.com/daheezoe Like! :^) <한국여자>들에서는 우리 어머니 세대들의 말 하지 않는 그 고요함, 그리고 그 고요함이 한으로 남아져버린 그 아릿한 슬픔을 아름다움으로 표현하였습니다. 이 작품집은 자신을 희생함으로서 진정한 사랑을 보여주시는 저희 어머니와 그 전의 "한국 여자"들에게 바치는 진심의 선물 이랍니다. :) <Les Coréennes> is presenting a pain with silence which is only found from Korean women(= les Coréennes) This portfolio is a present for my mother who's sacrificing herself to express her true and strong love. :) And also for <Les Coréennes> who is forgotten by the time. <Les Coréennes> présente le douleur avec silence de Coréennes. Celui est un cadeau pour ma mère qui sacrifie sa vie pour la famille. :) Et puis, <Les Coréennes> est pour <Les Coréennes> qui est oubliée par l'histoire.
@daheezoe Oh, oh! Just thought of this too. You could also try posting your photography on the Korean side of Vingle. That side of Vingle has much more traffic than the English side.
Thank you so much, feel free to keep and share my photos! :)
ooh really nice photo ! I love it !
@daheezoe Ah, not a problem. (^_^) Pleasure to meet you. 500px is a site that is mostly filled with professionals and serious hobbyists. If you take a look at the photography on the site, you'll see that it is definitely a huge site and some major networking happens there. It's definitely a place where new photographers can go to get their work critiqued and shown. The more people notice your work, the more other websites may catch it and write stories or feature you. You can also consider places like Flickr too, since it has such a big user base. Another great site that you can also showcase your work is 1x. They've made it so people can't download your photos, though I'd watermark my work anyway. So, yeah, check it out. I really like 1x. Its not nearly as popular as 500px, but there are many good photographers on there.
@daheezoe haha I think it is time or me to change my avatar since people keep thinking it is a girl. So you work with film , or with digital photography?
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