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*MINI STORY* Its beginning, we see Juggernaut on a complete rampage, rage was flowing through his veins , he's destroying the city. Goku can sense his great power from afar, he decides to get a closer look, as he's approaching Goku can see Juggernaut has a dragon ball. Juggernaut is furious smashing through cars and buildings searching he yells , " WHERE ARE THE OTHER DRAGON BALLS" *BOOM* Goku comes face to face with him, and responds " I don't know who you are or where you come from but you are killing innocent people in your rampage and I won't stand by..."BOOM the juggernaut shutting Goku up with a vicious and very aggressive punch he sends Goku flying through 3 buildings! The Juggernaut *smirks* and says "that was eas......" before he could finish he's sentence Goku is right in front of him and says "That was a cheap shot, but I'm not going down that easy I will stop you and take that dragon ball away from you!" The Juggernaunt replys "Ha Ha! Give me your best shot short stuff I'm the FREAKEN JUGGERNAUT I will not lose to you!.


Place : In the city Time : 60 SECOND Back up : None Win : by KO @HiwaRasul @Captpeter @jannellvillanue @ChloeMesa11 @gabbycalzada @ThomasJennings @DestinyFox @AlisonGrace @EmilyPeacock @TylerCassalata @buddy854 @skygrinderdrive @JoelleMack @DustinEmerzian @DustinEmerzian @DianaTurcotte @JimenaChiquito @animeloverable @MikeyJBenedict @MarkStewart @tbanj97 @CalebOrr @tbanj97 @joemercardante @reaper412 @MadLikeHatter @ynah2002 @dimplequeen @xerokun @00JEDAs @NyghtOwl @RichardButler @natsu5 @DevilDreamer @joemercardante @Silverfang Match info Goku cannot turn into any transformation this is a all out brawl between these two guys no Kamehamehas no blasts no energy type of attacks from either opponents just there FISTS.WHO WINS!?!?!?!? Comment below let me know heheh :)
so one minute melee then
am pretty sure goku will make the fight last 5 seconds
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