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Who else is rooting for Finn and Rey?

The good news is they're *probably* not related!

Then again, this is Star Wars. I know it's early, but I'm definitely 100% on board with these two. (I just want them to be happy. Can they have that Star Wars? Can they be happy?)
Song: Young God by Halsey
Vidder: Danieck Marsman
Spoilers: Nope!
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I just bought the blu-ray disc. I didn't get a chance to see it at the theatre. I'm looking forward to watch it.
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@MelissaGarza I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE THIS IN YOUR FUTURE. You gotta tell us what you think!!!!
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@Shannonl5 ok I'll do that once I've watch it. 馃槉
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I was surprised by the number of hints in the movie between Rey and Finn. It's possible for them to share the same lightsaber (Hey, that's another hint in the movie!)
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@Patmanmeow yes!!! And their dynamic was so wonderful to watch.
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