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Chapter 17~ Heal & Water

Suho and Lay

~16 years later~ "Suho get your feet off the coffee table. Your Aunt, Uncle and Lay are going to be here soon and I need this place to be spotless." My Mom said as she was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. "Mom everything looks fine, stop worrying. And you say that I'm bad." I muttered the last part to myself. "Honey, Suho is right. Everything looks fine." My Dad said as the door bell rang. My Mom rushed to get the door. I could hear their greets to each other. It was very so often when my parents and I visit my Aunt, Uncle and Lay or vice versa. They all piled in the living room where my Dad and I were. I greeted the three of them as we all sat down. It wasn't long until my Mom and Aunt went to the kitchen to start lunch. My Dad and Uncle talked about topics that Lay and I didn't understand, so I asked Lay if he wanted to go upstairs. He agreed and followed my led to my room. I opened my door to my bedroom. I had it neat and organized. My books were on the shelf above my desk. I had a concect bathroom and a walk in closet. I also had a balcony too so I can star gaze in different seasons and months. Lay made himself comfortable on the bed as I took the rolling chair from my desk. "So how it going?" I asked. "It's been alright. I think my parents are hiding something from me. Like they are all secretive when they talk and always keeping an eye on me. Plus when they are in a room talking and I walk in, they stop the conversation and talk about something else." "Funny because my parents been doing the same thing as well." I said thinking back a few days ago. "Yeah well it wasn't a week ago when I found out that I can heal myself." he said. "What do you mean?" I asked confused. "I accidentally cut my finger with a knife and I went to put it under water but the wound closed back up. Want to see?" he asked. I was going to protest but it was already to late when he took an envelope opener and slit his index finger. I watched the wound close back up by itself. My eyes widen and couldn't believe. "Whoa" I said as he nod. "Yep. I'm wondering if you can heal yourself? If not I can heal you. I've done it with a dog that I walked by and a plant." he said. I looked at him like he was crazy. "I think I'll pass but thanks anyways." I said as we heard yelling down stairs. We looked at each other and rushed down. We entered the kitchen and saw my Aunt holding her hand and the stove on fire. "Boys stay back." My Dad yelled at us but we didn't listen. Lay went to heal my Aunt and I stepped towards the fire and raised my hands. Water started to form. When the water was enough I pushed it to the fire to make it go out. Once it was out, I turned to look at my family. They were looking at Suho and Lay with widen eyes. "Honey, it's time" My Dad said to my Mom. "Suho...Honey let's talk. You too, Lay." My Mom said leading us to the living room. Lay and I sat down on the couch while our parents stood in front of us. " We haven't told you this but us and you two come from a planet called Exo." "So we're aliens?" Lay asked. I face plamed my face. They ignored him and went on. "As we were saying. All of us are from the planet called Exo and the reason why we came here is because the planet Xerus has token over our planet. My sister and I agreed to evacuated the planet and come here but before we did. The Queen asked a favor of us and it was to take both of her sons to Earth. She asked us to keep them close even if we lived in different countries. She wanted us to keep them as cousin until they were older and then tell them that they are actually brothers and twin brothers to be exact." My Mom said to us. "So your saying that the Queen's son's are Lay and I? That we are twins?" I asked as they all nod. Lay and I knew they were keeping things from us but we didn't think it was this big. " The queen also said that you have three older brothers. Xiumin, Luhan, and Kris. Xiumin is in Berlin. Luhan is in Beijing and Kris is in Canada. You can go find them if you want but we ask you to wait for a few more years. She said that the necklace with help and keep you safe from the Xerusians." "So what about our powers" I asked as Lay agreed. "Well the necklace that you are wearing symbolize your power in which case is Water and Heal. A water drop for Suho and a unicorn for healing." we nod to understand. "So now that is out of the way let's call for pizza." My Dad said.
@MsLoyalHeart I'm glad I can make you laugh ^_^ I try my best
The way the intense talk ended with that casual sentence made me laugh!
@JaxomB really? can you point it out, so I can fix it?'s just a typo on card 16
@JaxomB I have posted Luhan chapter. It just never showed up on my collection and only on my other collection where its all about fanfics. It goes Prologue, Xiumin chapter 14, Luhan chapter 15, Kris chapter 16, Suho and Lay chapter 17.
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