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Zakku: Alright alright I'm coming, just give me a second! Nao: Geez your so hopeless, Zakku, It's not polite to keep a girl waiting and especially not this girl! Zakku sighs and mutters under his breath* You sure are a Handful aren't you Nao-chan!? Nao: What did you say?! Zakku: I said we should eat before we go to the concert! *Zakku smiles Cheerfully and grabs Nao's hand* Come on Let's go Inside Nao's mind: You sure are a mystery, Zakku, I can't explain it but I always feel safe with you around. Nao: Let's go get some Pizza!! #Charlotte #NaoTomori #Perfection #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #ZakkuXNao
@KarageChan Me too I love Tomori so much lol
@BlackoutZJ xD I was screaming about how it came out..
@KarageChan I sure did lol I loved it
@BlackoutZJ Did ye watch the OVA? :D
I should've put #Charlotte anyway this is a Fan Fic scenario featuring My Anime character and Nao Tomori from Charlotte @windfox
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