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when you realize those are guys, the top pictures is EXO face Photoshop
The best for last credits to owners
Sehun!!!!!!!!!!! Dat muscular maknae!!!!!!!!!!
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That one about Suho being a ferret gets me every time haha
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Omg I'm really crying I just read that SM confirm Kai and Krystal from f(x) are dating. Sehun is my #1 bais but this news actually made me cry... Why thought ?!?!? Can someone explain why I well so hurt and betray when I know I don't own them? I know he's happy but it hurt I don't hate her either but idk
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this is the first time in getting this information, but it's a uncontrollable feeling to feel the way you feel, I don't hate her either as well I hope all goes well actually I just grew a bit of hatred of kai for a second cause he's cheating on kyungsoo (was my otp) who is my bais now more D.O for me @carrillojuana
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"I didn't know suho used to be a ferret" good lord.
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