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They never made any movies?

What if Marvel was only about the comics and the tv series? Would you still be a fan if there had never been a Blade movie? Or if Tom Hiddleston had never played Loki?
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@kuzuri96 @CalebOrr I hadn't thought of that but you could be right! They weren't doing well financially before Iron Man and Netflix only came way later. I don't think it was originally part of their plan. Then again, maybe if they'd never done the movies Netflix would have come to them anyway
I think with as well their animated series are doing, we might have some animated Netflix shows, but without that first iron man we'd still have movie properties divided amongst studios so stuff showing up on Netflix would be less likely
honestly I would still enjoy the Marvel. I enjoy the comic books and grew up with them. so I wouldn't mind if they didn't make movies
I would still be fan of Marvel but mostly of the comics because the as of right now they aren't doing to good on TV. Only really good shows would be Daredevil and other Marvel/Netflix series. But overall I would still be a fan of Marvel no matter what even if all they did was comics
I read comics way before the movies...