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So Hanbin decided to send hearts to Jiwon one day only to find out something he never expected.
What looked like Bobby trying to seduce Yunhyeong instead so naturally Hanbin would be super upset and jealous.
He just couldn't look away until it finally hit him what was happening so he stormed away.
It is all he could think about for the next few days as he shut everyone out and would say a word making everyone worried especially Bobby unaware of what happened.
Until Hanbin spills his heart out to his pet dog while Bobby happened to be walking by hearing everything.
All Bobby can think about is how he hurt Hanbin, when that was never the case so he storms in unable to stop himself shocking Hanbin.
Hanbin-ah You know I would never hurt you I was only getting pointers on how to do a dance to surprise you for our anniversary you pabo!
Really? You mean you weren't cheating on me with Yunhyeong?! I feel so stupid now.
You should you know I love you!
So after they finally made up they decided to go and celebrate.. And we all know how that ended * Chuckles slightly*
@VeronicaArtino hahaha.. Jackson said once age don't matter...lol.. you can see that gap in many couples this days you know? look at Demmy Moore and Ashton Kutcher..and what about Jlo and her boyfriend.. lol.. so don't worry too much..lol
there's a ten year gap between us we'll close to 10 years
@VeronicaArtino Exactly, but at least they are both legal might barely be adults but still adults
double b is just argh too young for me but I can't help but like them...
Aaaaawwww NICE!!
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