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She told herself that it was okay for feelings like this to come up every once in awhile. It was okay for things like this to come around when she found a guy that caught her eye. After all, it was just a small flutter of butterflies in her stomach that she barely felt. It wasnt like she couldnt control it. But then the butterflies started to become bigger. They seemed to start to buzz and zoom around whenever she saw him. Whether it be whenever she saw his adorable smile or if she noticed him glancing her way, theyd be there, growing and growing ever so slowly. Then she noticed how he would end up looking in her direction more. At first, it confused her because she wouldnt know why he would look in her way when she wasnt anything much to look at. She liked it though. With him looking at her and actually noticing her, it was as if her growing crush would actually end up working out in the end. Or so she thought. It turned out that every time that he was looking in her direction, he was only looking at another girl. Another girl who was everything that she wasnt. Another girl who received the smile that she thought was directed at her. Another girl who ended up being in the arms of the boy that she liked and smiling the same smile that he was, almost as if it was just them in their own little world. But then she was there, watching them sorrowfully. She watched them exchange hellos and goodbyes, small displays of affection here and there of hand holding, hugs, and even small kisses that seemed to be filled with so much love. She thought that it would have made her sick to see them like that, but in reality, it only tore her heart in two. Despite the fact that the love that she had developed for him hurt so much, she knew that he looked happy with her and that she couldnt do anything about it. And for her, as long as he was happy no matter who he was with or where he was, she was happy. After all, she knew that her love for Moonbin was just a useless crush anyway.

Whelp, if you need me I'll be in a corner somewhere weeping.
Aww the heartache of a one sided love *sigh*
Oh my god my heart! You ripped it out :((((((
can you do one of Eunwoo plz