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Hello everyone, My name is Christina, and I'm a huge Anime Otaku (I watch Anime all day everyday) Today is Throw Back Thursday and as of today I decided to re watch anime shows that i have already seen. So i'm called Throw Back Anime Day! So lets get stared on the animes that i rewatched today
First on my list is Black Butler: Book of Circus (English Dub) ( still waiting more episodes on the english dub site i use ) It was in the morning, and i watch anime when i'm eating so I tend to watch a lot of english dub anime when i eat. (I have seen the Japanses) What i love about this anime is the colors I love the colors, the lovely artwork, and the story line in all the Black Butler series Ok yes i have a bit obsession over Sebastian BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME! He's simply one hell of a bulter.
number two is Lucky Star (English Dub) (yes I was eating but it was at dinner time.) What i love about this anime is the Comedy and Parody it has in this anime it makes my day. But what I love most about this anime is there NON STOP talk about FOOD, also this anime got me into some japanese/asian foods / sweets (ex: Orangne Chicken, Rice, Pocky and most of all CHOCOLATE CORNETS)

Now this last one of what i'm about to do will make me question what my life has become.

Number three Clannad (English subs) (I did watch the entire show in english dubbed 2 years ago) I haven't watched this in japanese yet, so I figured that I would take time out of my non exsisting life to watch this in japanese (later on) But I will say there is some parts in this anime I did enjoy. Aside from it being all sad and emotional anime show. I really did love the colors, the art work and some of the comedy that is in this anime
Hi guys thank you so much for reading this card Let me know if you like to see more Throw Back Anime Day and if you want to be tagged in them. What i'll be doing is I will add images of anime shows that i'm watching or i'll upload videos of anime I'll make each Throw Back Anime Different so its not the same each and every Thursday


fuko-chan 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
@nicocoup yeah that's happen to me before
@InVinsybll if I could addition I would but I can't really sing xD
@InVinsybll did I sing along to that (smiles and nods) yup lol I hope they make an English for it.
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