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Sasaeng fans...people who will do anything to get close or noticed by their idols. I just hope I will never get in too deep into the fandom. p.s. The last pictures are not me! I would never do that to myself and I hope you guys don't either.
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@HopeAndSunshine The stories I was gonna put are really bad but I didn't put them up.
@SunsetShimmer6 this just makes me so sad! Like I love my groups too, but what I've learned from kpop is that I should love myself for who I am. Hurting myself would kinda be the opposite of that. Just makes me sad that people would do that to themselves :'(
@HopeAndSunshine Oh I see what you mean now. but it is sad. but I guess people see things differently on how they feel for the fandom. some people think it's like true love or something and that's why I think they do that. they believe if they sacrifice something they might get what they want but they don't. well that's what I think.
@AhnAhn980 lol its okay. not all sasaeng fans do that but you know...ya know!
@SunsetShimmer6 I was just joking im not a sasaeng fan but I know people who are tho... But this sasaeng thing is really creepy.