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You’ve been waiting patiently at the curb for half an hour for Jak. She said she’d be here to pick you up; it’s so awkward just standing, staring at everyone as they pass. When she first talked to you about moving in with her in South Korea, you were hesitant. You wouldn’t have a job at first, you only know slight Korean. When she starting dating some big celebrity she met at a photoshoot; she tried again. He didn’t like the way the other models treated her, she didn’t want to live alone, and he was gone most of the time. His friend had a friend in real estate and found her a cute apartment that she could afford. Well, you aren’t doing anything else with your life, so why not? A black car pulls up and you eye it suspiciously. Before you can blink the back door opens and a small, red head comes bounding out of the car. “[YN]! You’re really here!” She’s dressed like she’s on a fashion runway or heading to a photoshoot. She isn’t one that shows emotion really well so the huge smile on her face tells you she’s super excited. She accepts your hug, immediately pulling back and then apologizing. You shrug her off, you’ve been friends forever; you know all her little quirks. “WOW, who dressed you this morning?” She smirks, “What? You don’t think I could put this together? How rude.” She winks at you and takes your arm heading back to the car. “Jiyong did. He knows I have no fashion sense, he’s so cute! He went through my whole closet. You’d be so impressed, I now have full outfits just hanging there waiting for me to just put on.” You throw your head back and laugh. This guy is perfect for her, your best friend has never cared about clothes, her hair or anything. In fact, she’s pretty much a tomboy, gorgeous, but a tomboy. The fact that this guy can get her to dress up to simply pick you up at the airport is amazing. She must be in love. “You don’t mind if we stop at his place before the apartment? He’s coming home today and I haven’t seen him almost a month.” “I’m sure you don’t want me there. Just drop me off at the apartment, I need to crash." She looks at you skeptically, "Remember how long a flight I just got off of?" “He’s expecting you with me; he’s going to take us out for dinner.” You look over at her almost annoyed. “You can totally crash in the guest room until dinner. Then you can freshen up, you’ll have everything with you! Please?” She gives you her puppy dog pouty face that you’ve never been able to deny. “Fine! Whatever, as long as I get some sleep in the next 24 hours.” She beams at you, “Thank you. You’re going to love it here! Most of the Korean’s will leave you alone because they don’t know if you speak Korean or not. There are a few things different with manners, but you’ll pick that up quick. I’m still saying ‘thank you’ and no one else does!” She thinks a few minutes more, “Oh, and dating. Yeah, you’ll have guys that want to date you. I’ll have to fill you in on that one so you don’t get stuck in a bad situation.” Bad situation? What are the guys here total pervs that can’t keep their hands to themselves? Come to think of it, that’s guys in America too. As the car pulls up to a really nice looking house, you look out the window in amazement. “Who did you say you were dating again? “Jiyong! His stage name is GDragon; that’s what his name literally means, Ji (G) Yong (Dragon). You remember him; I used to have over 125 pictures of him on my phone!” You look over at her, “You used to have over 500 pictures of mostly shirtless Asian males. How am I supposed to remember which one he is?” She hands you her phone, their picture is her lock screen. When she unlocks it, there is a picture of a flawless, smiley, childlike man. “You recognize him now?” “Sure,” you comment and hand the phone back. “Liar. No sleeping for you, you will be watching his videos before he gets home.” You have to laugh at her; you’ve missed her so much. She's sounded so happy on the phone these last six months. You sigh, you never thought about dating an Asian guy but you guess you don’t have a choice if you now live here. She punches in a code and lets the two of you in. You look around, “Wow, nice.” “I know right?” She heads straight over to the large screen TV and turns on Youtube. “He always makes fun of me when he catches me watching his videos. This will be fun.” You aren’t sure how much ‘fun’ it will be while you have jet lag but you’re always up for watching some hot guys sing and dance. She heads into the kitchen and comes back with two Mountain Dews and a bag of chocolate. She tosses the bag of chocolate at you, “If I’m getting hyper so are you.” She takes off her jacket and undoes a few buttons on the shirt. “I’m so done wearing this already.” “Why don’t you go change?” “Because we’re going to dinner. I sometimes do twenty clothes changes a set; I change my clothes as little as possible when I’m not working.” “I’m actually surprised you’re dressed. I expected you to pick me up in your pajama pants,” you laugh at her. “I totally would have too! But since people know who I'm dating, I try to make him look good. Can you imagine if they got a look at how I really am?” You two sit and laugh, catch up, and your exhaustion from earlier has dissipated. She is bouncing off the walls and you aren’t far behind her. When she hears the door open, she bounces off the couch and goes running into the other room. You can’t see them but you can hear, “You’re HOME!” and a male laugh. When they show up in the doorway she’s bouncing on his back, kissing his neck. His head is down as he laughs but you can see a big smile. He notices the Mountain Dew on the coffee table and you on the couch. He untangles himself and holds his hand out to shake yours. “[YN]? It’s nice to meet you.” He looks looks back at Jak with an endearing smile, “How many of those has she had?” You can’t help but laugh, yep he knows her alright. You have a feeling the two of you are going to get along just great.
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