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I love buzzfeed and it's because of articles like this. The buzzfeed teams have already made a video of women of all different sized, none models, trying on Victoria Secret bathing suits. And now it's the guys turn! And what did they do, some pretty sexy Calvin Klein pics! Scroll through below !
What I love most about these pics, and not just how fun they are, is that it really brings light to a cause that isn't mentioned nearly as much as it should be. Body positivity is NOT a gendered cause. Men face constant criticism and insane insecurities just the same as women. It's a nice reminder that everyone needs to be told their beautiful, handsome, and all around AMAZING inside and out.
I really love the third one, that looks like such a natural smile, like the person is really having fun!
first picture guy on the left looks like he has moobs
funny thing, beibers photos are insanely photo shopped. like the thigh gap in the Target ad. wish they'd contract a new model