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Do you know how many girls you have slayed by acting cute, sexy and everything in between???? JB just stop being so perfect lol Even back in your auditions you slayed girls!
Yugyeom straight out telling my whole life story right now lol.....I feel the burn!
Jackson, I swear I'm getting to it but like I'm lazy but I really want to I just don't know where to start!!!
lol when an image hunts him but for me its like a miracle send from heaven!
I actually liked his Perm it was cute! Anyone else???
Of course the fashion diva would regret the choice he made regarding his clothes and hair.
The video is pretty funny so watch it their reactions are priceless!
Bonus video!!!! Now JB may not like this but I think he slayed millions of girls doing this so Im going to share it lol

JB dont be mad! The world needs to know of this video!!! You were so cute!!!

if you want to see a short verison here it is:
My bias BamBam is more fashionable than me
omg! JJ Project! I'm dying! JB!馃槀馃槀馃槞馃槝馃槡
@SusiBosshammer haha that was too funny Andwaaaeeee!! lmao!! video ever lol
@luna1171 I liked Youngjae reaction the best to his shirt 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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