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So I posted on Tumblr about the whole Astro Smut controversy, and it still pisses me off how some people will write sexual fantasies about minors. I mean. I get that its their choice but still.
the gif I posted with my post didn't wanna show up so I had to wait five years, take another screenshot so you guys could see the gif.
tbh I don't get the whole smut thing
actually you shouldn't want to have smut of any of them cause one its the delusion of porn and it gets to you like your actually doing something and two just because someone made a damn thing about someone doesn't mean you have to just because yes im gonna say this one says or do's something you wanna do it? if i say to go kill yourself because oppa said so WOULD YOU DO IT HELL NO
@FalseLove Its just a load of bullshit tbh.
and not just ASTRO!! BTS, GOT7, etc. and ESPECIALLY SEVENTEEN!! i just dont understand why this has become such an unvoiced problem that people are ok with
honestly though!! people need to stop sexualizing these guys, especially the maknae line!! for one thing, thats not the image that they want. it makes me uneasy when i scroll thru tumblr and see sanhaxreader smut IN FULL DETAIL!! sasaengs/arohas need to chill because if u think about it, it can be a form of sexual harassment and can u really call yourself a fan if u do those kinds of things
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