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Another day, another hate-filled message from Donald Trump.
If you never thought that Trump crossed the line with any of his previous statements, today he made sure to make his mark.
Trump, as many people know, is against abortion. Today, he stepped completely over the line by saying that there “has to be some form of punishment” for abortion if it were banned in the U.S.
When asked by Chris Matthews of MSNBC whether abortion should be punished, He said some Republicans would say it should be, and that he “would say it’s a very serious problem and it’s a problem we have to decide on.”
If that wasn't enough, Trump indicated he would be far more lenient on the man who impregnated a woman who had an abortion — he said he did not think they would bear the same level of responsibility.

How did a guy with so much hate in his heart make it this far in the election process?

@shonntl I see but I still hate him with a passion I don't care about what he has to say he doesn't belong on vingle I just want him out of here
Do do you consider it hate to punish those that break the law? He is specifically saying that if it was made illegal you would have to punish those that break the law.
get him out of here please he doesn't belong on vingle I hate him so much