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This week's Fan-Tastic Friday is all about our wonderful Vingler @CrookedShadow!

You've probably seen her around commenting on everything being the awesome possum that she is.

She also rips your heart out by making you choose who your bias is for each group!

and then ranks them based on the Vingler's opinions! ITS CHAOS. HOW DO YOU PICK A BTS BIAS?!

Anyway, let's get to know a bit more about Nina, shall we!?

What's your name?
My name is Nina.
How long have you been into Kpop?
Not very long. I just learned about kpop and got into it back in October, so about 5 months now. And I found it thanks to BuzzFeedVideo making a video called The Try Guys Watch K-Pop For The First Time and Call ME Baby by
EXO caught my eye and I fell insanely in love with them.
Who is your ultimate bias?
Definelty Chanyeol from EXO 💜 He's one of the reasons I fell so hard for EXO. His smile, ears, and height are just so ahhhh!! cx
How did you find Vingle and why do you like it here?
Probably like everybody else, but I saw an ad for it everywhere on Instagram talking about an app that could teach you Korean with Kpop stars. I finally decided to get it when I saw it on Drama fever since I saw it everywhere and I thought I should check it out. I really like it here because it's an easy way to keep up with Kpop stars and new MVs, and to find new bands and songs. But probably my most favorite thing about Vingle is that it's a community of Kpop fans that all fangirling about how awesome kpop is and how nice and cool everybody is!! It's just such an awesome place that I would never want to leave!!!! ^.^
What songs have you been listening to lately?
Ummmm a long list cx
Loser by Big Bang
Cinderella by CNBLUE
Good Boy by GD and Taeyang
Magic by Super Junior
Devil by Super Junior
Mamacita by Super Junior
This is Love by Super Junior
Mr. Simple by Super Junior
Baepsae by BTS
Second Grade by BTS
Jump by BTS
Spine Breaker by BTS
Let Me know by BTS
Let Out the Beast by EXO
Heart Attack by EXO
First Love by EXO
I'm sorry, I found a lot of new songs and the wonderfulness of Super Junior cx
If you could see any group LIVE, who would you see?
EXO of course!!!! Or BTS, but definelty EXO!!!! :D
Anything else? ;)
I love EXO; bias is Chanyeol, BTS; bias is Jungkook, Big Bang; bias is G-Dragon, Boyfriend; bias is Kwangmin, and B.A.P; bias is Daehyun.
I also am falling victim to GOT7, CNBLUE, and Super Junior.
Oh, whatever you do, do not listen to
Mamacita by Super Junior, Loser by Big Bang, or Cinderella by CNBLUE they are addictive and I can't get enough of them!!!! O.O

Please give her lots of love in the comments and say hey if you see her around Vingle :D

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@CrookedShadow Your cards are always so entertaining!!!! I'm glad you found this app :) Also Chanyeol is my bias wrecker in EXO lol
@CrookedShadow you are a very awesome sauce person!
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