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Welcome MLB fans!

This is Michael, your former Sports community moderator…and this quarter’s new MLB community moderator! Even though I’m going to miss being the Sports community moderator, I’m sure my main man, @KyleBerke, will do an excellent job in making the community great.
In the meantime, I’m going to moderate my favorite sports of all time, BASEBALL!
This year’s Major League season starts on April 3rd, 2016, starting with the game between division rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates. It will be a face-off between Adam Wainwright and Francisco Liriano.
There’s a lot to look forward to this season…but since its the beginning of the season, let’s have some fun in predicting this year’s World Series champion!

Here are my Top 3 picks for the 2016 World Series Champion.

San Francisco Giants

I mean why not? It’s an even year and they acquired two great pitchers to their starting rotation, the Shark and Johnny Baseball, and also have Denard Span in outfield! And they still have MadBum and Buster Posey, the best catcher in the league! Bruce Bochy is ready to show the world that it’s no longer Even Year Magic. It’s Even Year Science!

Chicago Cubs

Can the curse be reversed? I think so, especially with Theo Epstein as their GM? He’s done it with the Red Sox, why not with the Cubs! With Joe Maddon as their manager, if Jake Arrieta can put up monster numbers, and the Kris Bryant + Anthony Rizzo combo can drive in runs, they have a great shot of reversing the curse!

Kansas City Royals

The 2015 World Series Champions. They resigned Alex Gordon, and they still have Kendrys Morales (.847 OPS) and Mike Moustakas (who posted career highs in batting average, HRs, and RBIs). Oh and let’s not forget about Lorenzo Cain who came in 3rd in the MVP voting last season. And Ned Yost is just an amazing manager!
Well, can’t wait to connect with all the baseball fans out there right here on Vingle!

Who do you guys think is going to win this year’s World Series?

Giants or cubs this year, please...
Giants fans, this is your San Francisco Giants community moderator! If you still haven't joined the Giants community, come join the party right now ----->
Haha good to see more Giants fans on here!
@edwinthepenguin Well you're in luck this year!
@edwinthepenguin Giants baby!
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