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With 10 games left in the season, the Bulls are fighting for a playoff spot.
Many teams expected this team to contend for the title, so this year has been a huge letdown so far.
Coach Freg Hoiberg doesn't seem to have the ear of the players at the moment, and this team is playing worse as the season progresses.
With so many players up for free agency this year, should the Bulls just package certain guys up and rebuild this franchise around new young talent?
The Bulls have a combination of nice young pieces and grizzled vets with flexible contracts that could have value on the market.
Rookie frontcourt player Bobby Portis has shown a lot of promise. Mirtovic has also shown a smooth offensive game. Taj Gibson could have value on the market due to his solid play and flexible contract. I could see the Bulls offering Gibson, and their 1st round pick to move up in the lottery this year.
Derrick Rose has already mentioned he will explore his options. Joakim Noah BEFORE the injury seemed like he didn't fit in with the new coaches style of play. Pau Gasol is also a free agent, and would not re-sign at this point in his career to play for a team looking to rebuild.
The Bulls may not want to admit it, but missing the playoffs locking in a lottery pick may be the best bet for this lineup at this point.

Do you think the Chicago Bulls will break this team up and rebuild this summer?

But they should definitely give up on Derrick Rose though hahahaha
Today's win might give them a final push for that last playoff spot
They are going to regret trading Jimmy Butler, if that's what they are thinking...
Well they just had a huge win against the Rockets so we shall see what happens!
Yeah I think it's probably a good idea to consider every option. Maybe if they're committed to Hoiberg they can try to rebuild the team to better fit his style.