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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Reapers; Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi Age: Jin Murder: Hobi
Crying, that's all you ever seemed to do lately. Cry and wallow and be miserable because that's how he wanted you. He wanted you to sink so far into this mental disease, this illness, that you never came back. You were sure that you never would. Every time you thought life was getting better, he came back and every thing started again. The shadows, the death of anyone close, the paranoia. It was all to much and you just wished someone would end it already. The other reapers did their best, they spent as much time around you as possible. They couldn't be around always, there were cracks. TaeHyung always seemed to find his way through this cracks and started destroying any sanity you had left. You wanted to scream, scream until your throat was raw and your voice was gone. Scream until every bit of breath you had disappeared and every year was dried. Weep and struggle, you wanted a full blown meltdown because once that happened, you could rebuild yourself. Sinking down, you submerged yourself into the bath water. Screaming out under the clear waters and letting the bubbles take away all your air. Your chest ached and still you scream and let your tears float away. "Are you done?" The voice caught you off guard after resurfacing. "What are you doing here?" You tried to cover your exposed parts. "Came to check on you. We haven't been around lately, the others were worried." "Like you weren't." The comment was made offhanded but he heard it, holding your towel up in response. "Hurry up, there's some people I want you to meet." The reaper hurried from the room, leaving you to get decent. You took your time, drying carefully and dressing slowly. Whoever invaded your new apartment could wait for you to ready yourself. A few deep breaths and mental preparation, you pushed the door open. "YoonGi?" Your apartment seemed overly quiet and the living room late was off. "Kitchen." That was definitely not Mr. Suicide. You inched forward, peeking around the corner. There stood four men, one cooking at the stove and the other three talking. Your lips curled up at the sight of Jin's broad shoulders and YoonGi's green tuff of hair. "Are you going to stand there staring all day?" Inching around the corner, you pushed forward into the kitchen. Giving the audience a small wave as they peered at you. "So they are..?" You motioned between the two boys. "I'm Jimin." "And I'm JungKook." They turned to you in unison, introducing themselves. "Death by?" You questioned. "Natural causes." Jimin smiled and moved to stand next to you. "Natural disasters." JungKook answered watching you intently. "They are our natural deaths." Jin looked over his shoulder, smiling.
RapMon is death by accident... accurate!
Alrighte loves! I plan to get the next but id this tonight! Thank you all for the support
Omg ok so death by accident is namjoon right lol.... I can't wait for the next part!
I was wondering what Jimin, Jungkook and Rap Mon would be but it looks like I'll find out about Rap Mon later. Update soon please ^_^
tag? pleaseee
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