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Hey, everyone. I know I haven't updated in a while but idk how to feel about some recent news. A friend messenged me a few minutes ago saying that Krystal and Kai are dating and SM confirmed it. I know that I should be happy but I can't bring myself to be as happy as I should. I mean as long as Kai is happy I should be fine and Krystal is awesome and all but he is still my ub. Man, I really don't know...
I kind of feel like how I did when Baekhyun and taeyeon when they first said they where dating I feel like SM made the whole thing up to be honest and I feel like that here but if they really are dating congrats but I don't think they are this is just my opinion but I'm getting the same vibes as before where this will be the only time I see them like going on a date it like they got caught on purpose. Like they said they have been dating since last year but why get caught now it makes no sense to me at least most get caught like after a month or two of dating not a year later so yeah.
Also i understand your pain!!
Hmmm i wouldnt believe it just yet! Krystal always gets roped into dating scandals :(
I saw it on Facebook too but idk is it real or no
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