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that's adorable and also will help the fans that like to claim people and such and over react i love when i find out idols are daring but i really hate when people over react saying "omg oppa why"or "he's mine i don't like her" like people you don't own no one
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Remember he has 2 hands: One for Krystal, and one for D.O. Edit: This has been going on since yesterday
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BRUUHHH they're pretty cute thoo..
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D.O needs to start dating too. I mean I vounteer if no one wants to lol
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Aww cuties! Hopefully fans don't freak the F out and start making their lives miserable like we all know they probably will. *sigh* I wish the crazies would realize there's like a one in a billion chance that you'd ever really have a legit chance to date your idol (let alone meet them) so why can't you be happy that they're happy? ANYways I hope they last for a while and are happy together!
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