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You're dream "Future Life" game! Anime edition?!
Okay so I figured, why not fantasize a little longer, since reality sucks. the way it works is basically choosing one anime waifu or husbando you are going to spend the rest of you're life with... and you're children! (and yes the children also have to be anime characters) if you want you can add other member like aunts and sisters, and basically make it you're fantasy family lol. just comment you're husband/wife and the character u want as a child and etc. and explain why! you can have more than one child.. orrr post a vingle card about it and tag me! suppose I'll start:
My Husband: Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail now I have alot of husbandos but natsu is my no. 1 bae above all, like no one can top natsu on my chart and I'll happily live the rest of my life with him. he's such an idiotic goofball but he cares so much about his fam and he can get very serious (sexy) when defending the people he cares about.
My Child: Naru Kotoishi from Barakamon omg I fell in love with her! and do you wanna know why... Because she reminds me of Natsu! lol if Natsu were to have a child, I'd expect this to the child's personality she always finds a way to make you smile when you're feeling down, and she's so positive and optimistic lol and she's also an idiotic goofball I would love this to be my child.
I can see the similarities from here she got her fathers smile ;-;
well that's all just a family of 4 for now hehe.. but hey there's Natsu's, relatives (1) and um all his friends to look foward to <3
Blond Youth- Mad father this one isn't an anime it's a game, which is why I left it for last, and he doesn't have a name he's just called blond youth but I would so take him in as my child! check out the game (it's a pretty good game )
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my wife would be Android 18 and my kids would be Elrick from FMA and Naruto
2 years agoReply
@supbroscene i am i am馃槝馃槣馃槍
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wife: hestia from danmachi child: yoshino from date a live (if she was a little girl)
2 years agoReply
oh and rikka from chunnbiyou as another kid
2 years agoReply
@Captpeter omg you have ideal kids! I love them both lol
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